watching a documentary on the gaza strip, this little boy who was Palestinian said ” I want to kill all the Jews, then go to paradise”. he was SIX years old. as I am watching this documentary I see the Palestinian people in a wretched condition. they live in tents because their  homes have been reduced  to rubble due to bombs and bullets of the jewish army. there are no jobs, little food and little water. these are the noticeable and overt EFFECTS. what is the CAUSE? every facet of their life is controlled by the jews, from what they eat to where they walk. this intense hatred by a six year old, A SIX YEAR OLD  was NOT formulated by an adult Palestinian, not by a fanatic jihadist. it was formulated by the use and misuse of Jewish power. when you oppress a people you diametrically and inadvertently CREATE, PRODUCE, AND MAKE A REVOLUTIONARY!  you don’t go to a school or read a book to become a revolutionary. the ENEMY produces revolutionaries! they are so blinded with power that they think  the MORE they punish and brutalize they will squeeze the strength out of a people but they are ACTUALLY squeezing strength in and fear out!  with all their technology they cant figure out why year after year, decade after decade and generation after generation more and more revolutionaries keep popping up and coming up from no where. stupid ass amerikkka thinks that they can bomb Iraq and Afghanistan into submission. these dumb motherfuckers are actually producing more revolutionaries. but their use and misuse of power makes MORE OF what they are fighting against. there will never be peace among the united snakes and muslim countries  by using this same barbaric method of oppression of bombing them to make them submit. so what does all this have to do with black people in amerikkka and the making and production of REVOLUTIONARIES?  we will tie all this together in the next.    HOTEP




this is part 3 of a series of why and what is in the Caucasian that would cause him to destroy the mental and spiritual  ability of human beings. at  this very day have implemented a program (willie lynch) that is self perpetual so that the afrikan will continue this self destruction in his absence. what you just said heru is HYPE and BULLSHIT and there is no historical context to back up and justify your words!  there is a beautiful book called “NILE VALLEY CONTRIBUTIONS TO CIVILIZATIONS BY ANTHONY BROWDER”.  on page 18 he quotes a devil named HENRY BERRY, A VIRGINIA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. now I just told you his title so this is not some devil from the mountains of south Dakota, but this is what he said ” WE have, as far as possible, CLOSED EVERY AVENUE BY WHICH THE LIGHT MAY ENTER THE SLAVE’S MIND. if WE could EXTINGUISH the capacity to see LIGHT, OUR WORK will be complete. THEY would be on the LEVEL OF THE BEAST OF THE FIELD and then WE should be SAFE’!  when I first read this, I said now why the fuck would a people be so goddamn evil to PURPOSELY mentally condemn a whole people to be animals and then CONDEMN that same people for the condition that you put them in. I cant think of a word to describe such a people other than a GODDAMN DEVIL!  let me say again ALL humans have had some conflict with another in some fashion. but purposeful degradation of the human MIND to the level of an animal has never been done by indigenous people. so again I ask the question from PART ONE, are we really ALL the same people? emphatically I say NO!  there is a school of thought among afrikan people from one of our GREAT thinkers CHEIKH ANTA DIOP that the Caucasian is basically a washed out afrikan. that after the afrikan left the continent of afrika in times of antiquity and went up in the mountains of Europe. due to the change of climate becoming much colder and cloudy the afrikan lost their melanin and over eons of time gradually became a pale man or Caucasian. so essentially we are all from the SAME FAMILY. well,  I spoke to another GREAT thinker brother LLAILA AFRIKA and he said ” brother that is ONLY A THEORY, there is NO EVIDENCE that the Caucasian came from  afrikan people”. so there is personal choice of which one you believe and personally I believe the latter!  for those of you who believe that the Caucasian came from afrikan people then that makes HIM YOUR RESPONSIBILTY!  if we came to the planet first and they came from us then THEY are your children. and as a PARENT  that has a rebellious child you must WORK with them, TEACH them, CIVILIZE them and RAISE them to be obedient!  this is YOUR JOB if they came from you. for me I don’t know WHERE these MF came from. I am serious when I say that, I don’t know where the hell they came from but I didn’t PRODUCE THEM! I have NO INTEREST in saving them, raising them, civilizing them. I have more than enough EVIDENCE that is an IMPOSSIBLE TASK due to their contrary mentality. the ancestors have only given me the task to resurrect SELF AND AFRIKAN people first and the rest of humanity after.but there is so much work to be done among afrikan people getting to the rest of humanity is an after thought. RA FOR LIFE!    HOTEP