for 500 years the pinnacle of what is beauty has been considered blond hair and blue eyes. a thin nose and thin lips. the average human being just cannot FATHOM the continuous BOMBARDMENT on the human psyche for half a millennium that the above mentioned is THE not A but THE standard of beauty on the world population. the wickedly wise understand once an idea gets into the SUBCONSCIOUS its over! the subconscious will MOVE the conscious.  those human beings will be on REMOTE CONTROL and AUTO PILOT until a STRONGER motivation changes this reality. black people’s subconscious has been under the illusion that STRAIGHT blond hair is REAL beauty and have rejected their OWN STANDARD of what beauty is. no one has carried this to the extreme more than the BLACK WOMAN, to no fault of her own. she has been FORCED into this direction by US black men. u cant even imagine every u go u see white women with kinky hair. I know in isolated instances u see a white woman with locks but that is the extreme.but until lately, everywhere u went black women with straight hair. extensions to the goddamn floor, blond hair and all kinds of crazy shit!  this is so common now when u see this it does not phase u, we embrace this as the norm for black women. as I said thru no fault of her own we as black men moved our sisters into this position, I will explain in a second. before negro Obama ran for president they showed a picture of Michelle like in the 70’s or 80;s and she had an afro pulled back and the white man said this was a POWER HAIRCUT! imagine that, to wear your hair in its NATURAL state was a threat and somehow indicated black power, this fucking white man is amazing!  back to the subject, I have said many times that the woman is the ONLY creator we know of, I don’t give a fuck what religion says of a MALE GOD whether ALLAH, JESUS, OR JEHOVAH.  everyone of us was CREATED in the WOMB of a woman. your first teacher, first nurse, first god as an infant was that woman called mother. the fact she has the womb makes her greater than the man and that she had to be here FIRST to produce the man which answers the age old question ” which was here first the chicken or the egg?” I am going to go off the subject for a moment then continue in part two. I want to lay a foundation about the woman and how religion has got shit turned around so we don’t see women as they are… the true CREATORS! IN BOTH BOOKS BIBLE AND QURAN the woman is second, subordinate, on the bottom. in fact in the bible it says “JESUS is the head of man and MAN is the head of woman.” where is the woman? on the bottom. well in the quran there is a chapter named after Maryam, the mother of jesus. save that shit for the mosque, how many IMAMS are they that are women? EXACTLY!  in AFRIKAN CULTURE, BEFORE the contact with the Caucasian there was no I lead and u follow in the home. I talk u listen. the concept was YIN YANG which is an AFRIKAN CONCEPT not an ASIAN ONE. the male and female COMPLIMENT one another, no hierarchy rulership. similar in a lion’s pride. the male protects and guards and the female lion does the killing(smile) it wasn’t until religion came that hierarchy got introduced and the woman got relegated to the bottom. part two I talk about GOD(the black woman) redefining what beauty is all on her own.    HOTEP RA FOR LIFE!




to get right to the point, as I said in part one the Caucasian in his erroneous way of thinking. he believes that military might  will make HIS ENEMY submit. he believes that the more he oppresses the more likely his enemy will submit. this is the mindset of a psychopath! you cant thru brutality make someone follow your way. what you will ultimately make is not only an enemy that day but you will make an enemy for generations to come who’s sole purpose is to PAYBACK what you did to their fore parents . so amerikkka thru it’s incessant war among muslim countries not only makes enemies where there were no enemies but more importantly they are making revolutionaries!  the difference between making an enemy and a revolutionary is A ENEMY can be your friend tomorrow, but a REVOLUTIONARY will work and FIGHT to overthrow you AND YOUR RULERSHIP  until breath leaves him or her! with the recent MURDER of Michael Brown at the hands of a devil pig cop is only a sign of what has been happening among afrikan people here in the wilderness of north amerikkka for 500 years! but as I said the Caucasian believes that PIG OR POLICE BRUTALITY will make black people submit thru brutality and savagery. Michael Brown, Sean Bell, or Oscar Grant are not isolated instances. they are indicative of white treatment to a man (the black man) that they by nature and innately fearful of. they by nature FEAR what they know can defeat them. so they arm themselves to the teeth and when they come in conflict with the black man they come 50 deep to deal with ONE afrikan! this shows the deep seeded fear of afrikan people. I read a book called BULLWHIP DAYS and the whole book is about the brutal treatment of afrikan  people during slavery and the total apathy of white people toward black people. I copied some of the pictures from the book and framed them in pictures and these pictures when I look at them brings up something in me, a fire, a burning that makes me want to make sure these of mine that put down the foundation that I stand on did not die in vain! this fire this burning that sears the soul of afrikan people PRODUCES REVOLUTIONARIES! Michael Brown produces revolutionaries, Oscar Grant produces revolutionaries, Sean Bell produces revolutionaries, Emmitt Till produces revolutionaries, Fred Hampton produces revolutionaries, Khallid Muhammad produces revolutionaries. THE BRUTAL TREATMENT OF OUR PEOPLE BY THE ENEMY ULTIMATELY WILL PRODUCE A REVOLUTIONARY!….RA for life!….HOTEP