all that I said in part one leads to this, evil and wickedness resides in flesh! someone has duped afrikan people and indigenous people period that the devil is a goddamn spirit that flies around and jumps into people like casper the ghost! we like to condemn THE GOVERMENT, but the government is an inanimate thing. the government just like SYSTEMS  come out of the MINDS of human beings! not a spirit devil. these SYSTEMS carry out the nefarious acts of wicked human beings. the negro is waiting on JESUS OR MUHAMMAD in the sky to change a human condition that was created by and for humans! so how the fuck can someone in the sky change something that WE created? sorry for the side track but religion just really gets on my fucking nerves, especially because it affects so many of our people. if the Caucasian and Arab wanted to keep it for themselves I wouldn’t be so animate against it. the Criminal System, the Education System, the Banking System, the Political System, the Healthcare System all came out of the MINDS of human beings! a spirit didn’t produce them. these systems actually live and breath and do the biddings of human beings, so much so that the white man said corporations are like PEOPLE TOO!  so if this man put us in the condition I described in part one, scientifically and purposely what SYSTEM did he use? the Educational system is OUT OF HIS MIND. now look at the education of black children as a WHOLE. do you think this is a coincidence? I think it was POPE LEO IX or X( one of them devils) that said “give me your children until the age of 7, and they will be mine forever”!  the Criminal Justice system is just that…a CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM but it came out of his MIND! now look at the incarceration of black people in amerikkka, coincidence? I think not. look at the Healthcare system in amerikkka. in Washington D.C. the infant mortality rate of black babies is almost equal that of so called third world countries. after you read a book called “MEDICAL APARTHIED” then you will see CLEARLY why there is a disparity in black health and white health, but this too came out of his MIND! the Economic system came out of his racist mind! in 1913 the Federal Reserve was created by him. did you know the Federal Reserve does not have a goddamn thing with being Federal or a GOVERMENT institution? it is a PRIVATELY OWNED BANK who LOANS MONEY to congress. on December 24 in the middle of the night while congress was on vaca 1913, it passed what is now called the Federal Reserve. congress would print money before this now the F.R. does. Lincoln got popped for trying to change who prints money, and JFK was also trying to change money printing back to congress and he also got it in the head! do you think that black people who have always been unemployed at twice the rate sometimes 3x the rate as whites, do you think that is coincidence? it is a fucking SYSTEM that comes out of the MIND of a BEAST!  these SYSTEMS are DESIGNED TO OPPRESS!  now all that I have said, look at your POLITICAL SYSTEM. do you honestly think you put OBAMA in as President, when this is HIS SYSTEM? when George W. Bush ran for president the man who owned the machines that counted the votes said “I can guarantee that Bush will win”. the machines were called DIEBOLD. back to Obama, they were killing a nigga named Hussain in Iraq but, they are going to make one president in amerikkka at the same goddamn time? just stop negro!  Obama was thoroughly vetted before the white man gave him the ‘OK” to be president. the Political system came out of his mind and Obama was MADE president for their AGENDA that they knew they couldn’t get done with a white president. these SYSTEMS are the marks of a beast that have been put in your forehead and hand to give you a FALSE belief that they work and are fair and equitable . let US ENGAGE in NATIONALISM and not take on the mark of THE BEAST!…..HOTEP…..RA FOR LIFE!




I don’t think afrikan people can even fathom the mental apartheid that has been waged against us. we look at our condition TODAY and look at us in STILL TIME. time that is not connected with the past. how we conduct ourselves either as an individual or collectively as a people came from SOMEWHERE. this blog was inspired by listening to DR. AMOS WILSON, one of our afrikan giants that is now in the ancestral world. he said the white man did a study with rats. it was one of his PROJECTS,  I pondered that word coming up in the San Bernardino projects. he found some completed a maze much quicker than others. he then separated the intelligent  rats  from the slower ones. he also gave a much more mental stimulation to the intelligent rats and left the slower ones in a cramped mentally deprived environment. you know EXACTLY where I am going  with this shit! he then allowed only the intelligent rats to mate with like ones and the slower ones to mate with like ones. over time he saw that there were marked PHYSICAL changes in the brains between the two. the actual BRAIN size were different. the amount of neurons between the two were different. the synapses, which permit chemicals and signals to go from cell to cell was drastically different between the two rats. all the above, more in the intelligent rats and a decline in the slower ones. so in so many words the white man knew that ENVIRONMENT can drastically change the mental prowess of human beings  they even found out that the rats were actually passing these traits to their offspring! now I want you to imagine a people that have been PURPOSELY separated from their home land, language, religion, moral ways, culture, family, spirituality, dress code and have been literally breed like rats and cattle. told their were nothing when we found you. that u have gave nothing to civilization, and were not allowed to read for 300 years. what would that do to the mind, the fucking psyche of a people? at the same time, the people who were committing this heinous acts against humanity were engaging in the highest forms of learning, then condemning a people for the condition that they themselves put them in. what a goddamn devil! then you have people who came here VOLUNTARILY with ALL there culture in tact. name, religion, moral ways, diet, language, spirituality and will look at black people and have the fucking audacity and ask “why aren’t you people doing better”? or “why do you people complain so much, the playing field in amerikkka is EVEN for everyone”? these other ethnicities just need to shut their damn mouths and understand the ramifications of history! now fast forward and look at the condition of the two people.  you can clearly see based on that history why we have not progressed at the same rate as the European here in amerikkka. then after all that we had to endure in the first 300 years, the next 150 years afrikan people were stripped of all dignity and self worth, even to the point where we could not go to the same TOILET as the white man. so how we conduct ourselves today is reflective of our holocaust here in amerikkka! HENRY BERRY, Virginia House of Representatives: We have, as far as possible, closed EVERY avenue by which the LIGHT may enter the slaves mind. If we could EXTINGUISH the capacity to see the light, our work will be complete. they would then be on the level of the beast of the fields and we then should be SAFE!     part two soon.   RA FOR LIFE!  HOTEP