When you look at the human body it seems solid, but delve into the body past the flesh and bones, past the cells and molecules and you will find nothing but Space! We have a vast Universe of planets, rocks and gas but most of it is empty space. Between the proton, electron, and neutron is nothing but space. In the mind of the masses is a lot of fucking space! And this space in the mind of the masses is called Ignorance. God is a manufactured construct to appease an ignorant mind. To make my point, when the human first heard the sound of thunder we manufactured this God concept to appease our fear and ignorance of what we just heard but COULD NOT explain, so God was invented as the maker of thunder.

But the real God is In-between the Spaces of the Mind! Between each thought is space, this is the realm of the Ancestors. But it is not some spooky shit of dead people wandering around in your head. This thought or space of the mind is still actually YOU! What I mean is this, In-between the Spaces of the mind when a thought comes up, it manifests itself through our own experiences, history and unique ideas. The European says Consciousness does NOT come from the brain. Then where the fuck does it come from? The penis? It definitely comes from the brain, but the brain is only the physical conduit that transmit the invisible Spirit part that you call Thought, idea or consciousness. If we didn’t have a brain it would be impossible to have any thought or consciousness. The physical brain doesn’t produce Consciousness, but instead it is the electrical energy that surges through the brain that forms the idea or consciousness. Just as the physical wiring in the walls doesn’t produce electricity for the lights in the house, but without the wiring there would be no invisible energy that we call Light!

In Ancient Kemetic mythology, there is a goddess named NU, her first creation is the God Atum from whence you get your bullshit story of Gods first created human called Adam. But the European couldn’t have the first Creator being a Female, so they changed the female deity NU to the male deity “God” and Atum to Adam. Now this is not my subject and it is a fucking waste of my time debunking bullshit religious stories to religious fanatics who refuse to come out of their slumber, so lets continue with the point I am leading you to.

See the source image
Goddess NU [with the stars in her body]
See the source image
God Atum

But the goddess NU represents the primordial waters. Now the word primordial means “existing at the beginning of time”. So you know if it is at the beginning of time, the European damn sure cant have that be Female! But this mythology called NU which is the primordial waters actually represents the Human Mind, so like Space this primordial waters is VAST, just as your MIND is vast and has been here since the Beginning! And out of this vast empty space called NU came her first creation called Atum, and Atum represents the First Thought! So In-between the Space of emptiness came the First thought. In our minds there is emptiness, but In-between that emptiness comes up numerous thoughts and ideas, Atum rises in our minds out of primordial dark waters. So as you can see the Ancient African didn’t worship many gods, these so-called gods were only archetypes that represented the Human MIND and body. But if you a goddamn foreigner and you come among the African and don’t know the history and culture, you would assume they were worshipping all these crazy ass gods.

So because we live here in America and throughout the diaspora, the African throughout the world is under the auspices of a European Mind, so the primordial waters or empty space has been cluttered with shit thinking that does not benefit the Self! So In-between the Spaces of OUR MIND what exactly is coming up from the primordial waters? Self hate, Self Inferiority, Self Negation, Foreign Gods, European Idol worship and mental decadence.

When we attempt to raise our consciousness, the Space In-between the Spaces should be for Illumination! Now of course none of us are robots so shit thinking can filter through the flood gates of our minds. But again, In-between the Spaces are the domain or the dwelling area of the Ancestors and this is where Atum or New thinking comes up from the dark waters or primordial waters of the melanated Mind! Now we must guard what we think, so that what forms in the mind can be of consequence to the body!

During meditation when you first sit down, there is much noise and static….”what is for dinner?”, shit on the job, “Is she going to text me back?”, etc, etc, etc….but the longer you sit and focus the mind to the center of the Black emptiness in your head, you will notice the static and noise becomes less and less. Then you will start to see the Space In-between the Spaces. With your eyes closed and you focusing on the Center of the Black emptiness of your mind, In-between the Spaces will be the high revelation that will come to the subconscious mind. Your message will not be of a conscious nature, it will reside in the deep primordial waters that will only reveal and resonate itself from the subconscious when your student mind has become the teacher mind!

The Space In-between the Spaces will reveal itself to the God of Self, the ONE you have been looking and awaiting on.



Power to the goddamn People!

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