One of the definitions of Natural is…”Anything consisting of Nature”. So that is very vague and broad. So I looked up the word nature, and one of the synonyms was “The set of qualities that makes a person, group, people or thing different from others. Now there it is, there is the delineation between the two. The qualities that makes a thing different. Now before I go into the depth of this, different does not mean better… it just means different! Now I have to say that as a caveat for the sensitive ones that may get into their damn feelings when I go in.

Now there is nothing more natural that the original! In fact original and natural have to be synonymous because in order to be Natural….you have to be Original! In fact, the further away you get from the original you start to become Unnatural! For example lets look at the poppy plant. In its original state its just a plant, and it has some medicinal properties to it, like the suppression of hunger. But the further away from its original state it can become heroin…and it becomes Unnatural!

If you have something called a Ligre, which is a natural Lion and a natural Tiger that you artificially mate together and produce that which is called a Ligre, which is Unnatural. It has been so much removed from its Original state of the original species, that the Ligre is a sterilized animal…it cannot reproduce. So the point I am making is that the further away you get from the Original….it becomes Unnatural.

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Now lets bring this to Human Beings, who are the Original People? Now I know you have Charlton Heston playin Moses and Michelangelo’s boyfriend portrayed as Jesus, but beyond the bullshit stories…who are the Original People? Now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asks the question…”Who is the Original Man?”. And the answer is “The original man is the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth and God of the Universe”. Now many of you may say “now that is just over the top”. But you have to remember in the 1940-60’s black people were calling themselves NEGRO, and Elijah said the Black man needed to be RE-MADE!

Now the only problem I have with Elijah’s statement of “Who is the Original Man?” is where the fuck is the woman at? ALL RELIGIONS, without exception are ALL Male dominated and male oriented. But back to the original question…Who are the Original People? Now without a doubt, archeologically, genetically and historically the original people are African People! Now I know we on some new shit where Black people are now calling themselves Native American or Indigenous instead of African. Now I really don’t give a damn what a negro calls themselves, but let me be very clear for every negro that wants to be a goddamn Indian, the existence and accomplishments of the Native American doesn’t come even remotely close to what the African has done! Now read that shit several times and get a good understanding! Did writing, mathematics, monument building, universities, surgery, religion, astrology start with the Native American? Fuck No! It came out of Africa from the African! Now you can call yourself whatever you want, but please don’t make a dumb ass comparison. NO ONE on earth predates the African! NO ONE. Not the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indian or Native American, and damn sure not the European.

Lets get back on damn track, so if the African is the first or Original…then he must be Natural! In fact in Ancient Kemet the word Neter means divine or God, it is where the word Nature comes from. So the very word Nature to the ancient African meant God or divinity. So if the African is the most Natural, then who is the most Unnatural? Now here is where the shit gets tricky and some feelings may get hurt, so lets get back to my main premise, Natural does not mean better, it simply means different.

There is a Law by a man named Mendel, and the Law that is named after him is called of course “Mendel’s Law” or the Law of Dominance. It states succinctly that the Dominant can produce the Recessive, but the Recessive cannot produce the Dominant. This Law goes back to my original premise that the further away you get from the original…it becomes Unnatural. So in plain words, African people have dominant genes, and everyone else has recessive genes compared to the African. Now the European has the most recessive genes, so you can see where we are going to lead to by the time we end this, but I am going to use the Mendel Law to prove my point so I am not charged with being a reverse racist [whatever the fuck that means] so in part two we will finish where I am going with this, so stay tuned.



Power to the goddamn People

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