So in part one we talked about the definitional word Natural and Nature. I gave some examples of what is Natural and what is not, and the closer you are to nature the more natural you are. I also said the further away you get from what is natural the more Unnatural you become. Look at part one to get a better understanding of what I mean. I ended part one with the Law of Mendel that was called the “Law of Dominance”. I described the law in a succinct way by saying the Dominant can produce the Recessive, but the Recessive cannot produce the Dominant. At this point we have to describe what is Dominant and what is Recessive. Out of ALL the hues of the human family, nothing is more dominant than Black skin. Out of ALL the hues of the human family, nothing is more recessive than White skin. Now those who may be European and read this, I am sure you are in your goddamn feelings with this statement, but these are just goddamn facts that we ALL have to deal with.

The problem we have in dealing with race issues, is that African people have to always be careful not to injury the sensitivity of white people, so we have to say shit that has to be palatable to their feelings. But when it comes to the feelings of African people, everyone can shit on us and we just have to bear and even grin to the shit! Well not today, you about to get this work! So back to the Law of Dominance, so since African people are the most dominant and the European are the most recessive, this means African people can produce the European, but the European cannot produce the African.

See the source image

See the source image

So naturally the question is asked “So what difference does it make?” Now doesn’t that shit sound innocent? “I mean Heru you are just causing problems by asking this when we are ALL human”. Don’t that shit sound good? Now you probably could get away with that shit with the negro, but I know YOU and the mind that the flesh is incased in, and you can’t pull that shit off with me! Since we ALL human and it doesn’t matter, then why did you make God WHITE? Lets just sit here and marinate on THIS shit for awhile…….

WHY did YOU make God white if we ALL one and we ALL human? And YOU didn’t stop there, YOU made his son Jesus white, YOU made the angels white, YOU made his mother white. And YOU didn’t stop there YOU exported this White God ALL over the world, you sent him to China, Japan, Africa, India, North and South America… it DID MATTER! You made an Unnatural image Natural and you put this image in the subconscious mind of the world population.

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So lets get back to the subject at hand, this Law of Dominance. So if you made Adam and Eve white and THEY are supposed to be the FIRST people on the planet, how the fuck they produce the darker people of the world? YOU have no biological evidence, no archaeological evidence and no historical evidence. So what was your intent? What was your intent to make him White? You have the story of Noah where he being a white man produced a black, brown, yellow and Jewish man. Now how the fuck he produce a Jewish man I don’t know. So my point is you TELL the human family that we are ALL ONE, and color doesn’t matter, but your practice is that of white supremacy because YOU did know what your were doing.

This is the reason why RELIGION was manufactured to replace Spirituality. Because you can make white supremacy legitimate by putting your motivation IN THE MOUTH of God, and say it was HIM, you see God sanctioned this so its legitimate. A perfect example of this is the “Curse of Ham”. This is a manufactured LIE that was actually in the bible up until the 6th century that black people were cursed! Let me say that shit again…THIS WAS IN THE BIBLE UP TO THE 6TH CENTURY! So the story goes that Noah was butt ass drunk, and his son Ham saw him in this state and mocked him. So because of this Noah cursed his son Canaan black! It gets better, these are his words….”Because thou has jested at my misfortune, you sons lips shall swell. Because thou has turned you head to see me in this state, their hair shall be twisted in locks”. Now check out this last one, the shit shows you the mental depravity and the envy of the African male. “And their MALE MEMBERS shall be shamefully ELONGATED”. Meaning that black men were cursed with big dicks! THIS is the madness of religion, and as I said, all this was in your HOLY book from Space Ghost up until the 6th century. And the Mormon church and the Jehovah Witness also taught this in their doctrine as recently as a few decades ago until they had to remove it because of their increasingly black converts.

In ALL indigenous people’s spiritual system, everything was based on mythology, this was Natural for the indigenous people, then when the European got exposed to the mythology, he turned mythology into Religion and factualized mythology and made it Unnatural! The reason for this, and this is important… the reason the European didn’t understand mythology is compared to African people, they have not been on the planet long enough to go through the Human Rites of Passage that is produced from Culture mixed with Antiquity! You need BOTH to produce a healthy spiritual system. This system will be based on your mythology from your Ancestors that have been here on this planet for eons of time….THIS cannot be underestimated!


So in summary, kinky hair is Dominant. Hair that lays flat and stringy is Recessive, the dominant can produce the recessive but the recessive cannot produce the dominant. Black skin is dominant. Brown, yellow and white is recessive, the dominant can produce all the recessive colors, but the recessive colors cannot produce the dominant! The more dominant you are the closer to Nature and Natural you are, the further away from what is natural, the more Unnatural you BECOME! Then your MIND will produce products that are of an Unnatural state that have no longevity and will be at odds with Nature!

‘Lastly on the subject of Natural and Unnatural we have to deal with sexuality. Now I am not going to argue about what two consenting adults do in their own private time, but what I am going to deal with is what is natural and what is unnatural. Now again religious folks will sanction that homosexuality is wrong because “GOD” said so, that is not the vein I speak from. I am speaking from nature, homosexuality is against nature! I am not going to put a moral equivalent to it by calling it wrong. Two men having sex is UNNATURAL, two women having sex is UNNATURAL. Now a woman once told me on this subject “Who is to say what is Natural?” This is the state of the human mind, that now you don’t know what the fuck is natural anymore! The African has a sign or symbol called an Ankh, its called the “Sign of Life”. The African knew that anything that produced or promoted LIFE was Natural! Anything that didn’t was considered Unnatural, the shit was not hard or difficult. A man putting his penis in a man’s ass is UNNATURAL, two women rubbing their clitoris and vaginas together is UNNATURAL! You cannot produce LIFE from either action, and as I said the further you go from what is natural, you engage in unnatural acts and practices.

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Now as far has history, homosexuality was never part of our Culture. Before the coming of the Greek and Roman into Africa, African people never had this as part of our lifestyle. I didn’t say we were not aware of it, I said it was not part of our Culture or lifestyle, and we put our disdain for the act in our mythology. Again it goes back to the African having been on the planet for over a million years…. 3.5 million year old remains found of an African woman in Kenya. It is the African going through the Human Rites of Passage where we have a solidified Culture due to our antiquity! But not the Greek and Roman, homosexuality was NOT a alternative lifestyle, it was THE lifestyle. Men laying with other men and even boys was just NATURAL for them. So when they came into Africa and conquered, they brought their sexual maladies with them, and we adopted their lifestyle and culture when we forgot ours. These are all historical facts that have nothing to do with hating someone because of their sexual preference, our subject is what is NATURAL AND UNNATURAL, and homosexuality is an Unnatural activity. I don’t give a damn what the contemporary society says about it. So with all that said, African people need to come home to what is Natural, and you can’t know what is natural until you know what is ancient, and what is ancient is African. In fact you CANT get any more ancient that African! So come back home.



Power to the goddamn People!

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