We all have read or heard about the story of Noah.  Dumb ass story about him building a boat in the middle of no-where and every animal of every kind marched in a single file line onto this damn boat.  Even a child would question such a silly ass story, but of course not you as an adult, it makes so much sense to you.  So lets delve deeper into the story and find some wisdom in it.  First the name NOAH has an African origin, it is MA-NU.  The MA represents the Cosmic Womb, and the NU represents the embryonic seed floating in the cosmic womb.  Right away you see the African origin is so much deeper than the biblical shit.

The cosmic womb is NOT space, the cosmic womb is the MIND!  The NU or seed floating in the cosmic womb is the THOUGHT!  This represents the African God Atum, not Adam of the bible.  Atum is the first thing created and comes up out of the cosmic womb of the Goddess NU, who is the great mother.  But of course the European could not handle the feminine aspect of the story so the female Goddess MA-NU was turned into the male prophet we know as Noah.  So in the African story this vast cosmic water represents consciousness, and the boat floating in the water is the IDEA coming up out of the dark waters of the subconsciousness mind.

If the idea is small or does not have buoyancy, it will sink in the subconscious,  but if the idea is grand it will stay afloat in the vast perilous space of the subconscious.  The two animals of all kinds to repopulate the earth represents Polarity which is needed to reproduce new ideas.  The more polarizing the idea, the more and imaginative the new growth will come out of the subconscious.  As the flood waters of the subconscious subsides, the MIND will reveal the new ideas and revelations that have been HIDING in the vast subconscious mind.  As the flood waters of knowledge recede from the cosmic womb, you look over the landscape of the mind and you see what has been hiding in the darkness.

Noah’s Ark is NOT a physical boat, this is why they have NEVER found the damn thing,  it is a stolen story from the PHYSICAL BOAT found called Khufu’s Solar Barque {A REAL BOAT] from the pharoah who built the first pyramid.  But those who look for Noah’s physical boat miss the deeper and esoteric spiritual meaning behind the Noah boat story.  For some of us our mind is so turbulent,  no new ideas or higher forms of thought can survive in these rough seas of the mind, so our own mental boat keeps crashing along the shores of our own mind, and we have no polarizing ideas that can reproduce themselves to produce new ones.

Once Atum rises in your cosmic womb,  make the seas of your mind calm and steady,  so the idea can evolve from a Boat into an enormous SHIP!   ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!




Now I want you to just think about that title for a second, that there is a chosen people.  First of all what the hell are they chosen to do?  African people been on this planet for over a million years, but God waited a few thousand years ago to choose a people to be his favorite… does that make any goddamn sense?  Lets go into this deeply family.

God made this infinite universe with untold amount of planets, but on this small planet we call earth, he chose a small group of people out of Europe of all places to be his favorite and chosen people… now isn’t that convenient?  Why do I say out of Europe?  There are two books that relate to this topic, one is called “The Transfer Agreement” by Edwin Black which talks about the history of Europeans making a deal with Nazi’s to transfer white Jews out of Europe into Palestine.  It talks about the manufactured story of white Jews fictionalizing a plot to convince the world why they should be in Palestine and that is their original homeland in antiquity.  The second book is called “The 13th Tribe” by Arthur Koestler about a small group of Europeans that converted to Judaism in the 8th century and have no ties at all to Palestine, Jerusalem or any so called holy city.  So a few white folks out of Europe just made up some shit about them being God’s chosen,  and what makes this so egregious is that they put the shit in God’s mouth that he made this mandate for the whole world to obey…just fucking wicked!

The earth is literally like a grain of sand in this infinite universe and on this grain of sand he chose a small white group who call themselves Jews to be his chosen, now just read that shit again.  If you know that you are the real minority on the planet, it becomes imperative for genetic survival that you invent such theology and that you penalize anyone with jail or loss of income if they dare challenge such theology, even though such theology can not be backed in any way with historical evidence.  Now just grasp this madness for second,  you have this White God who has to hold up all the planets in the universe and maintain all the planets in the universe, make sure the Sun doesn’t get to close to any of surrounding planets, but he has time to mandate to a spec of dirt [ in relationship to the rest of the universe] that I chose a few white folks to be special to me, if that shit makes any goddamn sense to you then you need to stop reading  any further.

Now the European Christian wasn’t going to be out done, so they manufactured and joined with their own white lie and said the same White God sent his white son and if you believe in this white God and Son that I have fashioned for you… you too will be his chosen though you have Black skin!  What is so amazing to me is that even to this very day and in this information age, this lie is still believed by the masses of African people and African people will fervently defend this lie and untold masses have gone to their graves with this thought and image as their  last thought and image after they gave their last breath. When you stop and think on that and the ignorant energy given to defend the indefensible,  it is  truly astonishing to me.

Lets end with a metaphysical understanding of the theme The Chosen People.  The Christian talk about the 144,000 chosen which are called the “Sons of Light”.  This biblical story is just as asinine as the Jewish one that God chose a 144,000 out of billions to be his chosen one’s, the shit that religion attempts to sell and people keep buying blows my goddamn mind.  A different meaning for me is that knowledge makes you a light,  so knowledge makes you a Son of light!  144,000 is not a real number, but in this vast number of human beings on the planet, what will separate them from the masses is there will be a few who will have their own light,  a light that will allow them to lead SELF!  This will be the true “Chosen of God”,  but God does not choose you… you ARE the God!  but it is YOU that chooses the SELF,  and that happens ONLY when one acquires a proper knowledge of Self!

On a personal note,  African people are called the PEOPLE OF THE SUN,  now don’t get your jaws tight if you are reading this and happen to be European and think I am doing some “reverse racism” [ whatever the fuck that means] but what I am saying is that due to our heavy carbon bodies,  the Sun resonates with us more than any other human because we have the most carbon or melanin in our bodies,  thus we are called THE SUN PEOPLE or the SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF RA!   ASE’ ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!

The Science of Love


I used the title “Science of Love” because the average person is nostalgic about shit like that. They LOVE to see movies about love, songs about love, poems about love, but all that shit is cultural.  African people never used such terms, in antiquity we used MAAT.  Because Maat we can measure, Maat we can see thru action, not just what you say with your lips.  In fact many people say “I love you” and don’t even mean it.  Reciprocity, Balance, and Truth that is measured in history is more substantive than Love. 

I am going to go off the subject for a second and merge things together, the philosophy of Reincarnation is a myth.  The thought of a person dying then coming back just to learn a fucking lesson is madness.  We reincarnate by studying our Ancestors and trying to emulate and learn from the lessons that they taught.  But since we are on this so called subject of love, how one reincarnates and comes back a different person from being in a relationship is… did you learn the lessons from the LAST RELATIONSHIP?  That is reincarnation.  If you have not, then if you are a woman and you are attracted to “Thug Men” but they keep hurting you and cheating on you, you will keep coming back to foolish ass relationships reincarnated until you change and become a new creature.  Same thing for men, if we keep falling for a pretty face with no substance, and we find our feelings being drug thru the goddamn dirt, expect multi reincarnations.

Teddy Pendergrass has some lyrics about how good it is to be in love with someone where instead of it being 30/70 or 40/60 its good to be in a relationship where its 50/50.  Let me say this to you, I know you on that nostalgic shit but there is no such thing as a 50/50 relationship.  The only thing constant in this universe is chaos, so nothing is equal in the universe.  In fact that 50/50 is a European concept, again the African concept is Maat, so instead of looking for a 50/50 relationship, you should look for someone that compliments you.  Just as you see in the Ying-Yang symbol, which is actually an African symbol, but finding someone who compliments is more realistic than finding a 50/50 relationship.

Because we as African men are in a European dominated culture, our ego dominates us even as it relates to “Love”.  She has to do as we say.  We lead with very little input from the female, we can raise our voice but she dare not do it to us.  This is religious doctrine straight from the Bible that the woman should keep her damn mouth shut!  Even in the Quran, if the woman” doesn’t  do as she is told”, the man can put his hands on her “lightly”, now what the fuck does that mean?  The woman will naturally allow a man to lead, as long as he is practicing the principle of MAAT with her in the relationship.  She sees thru his actions he is being balanced, equitable and truthful so where he leads she will follow.  She is a natural giver and nourisher.

Even during sex there is the principle of Maat.  We all have heard of Ejaculation where there is the expulsion or exiting of seminal fluid from the body.  Where if there is to be balance, then there has to be the inclusion of energy.  That is called Injaculation, where ejaculation is the physical matter,  so Injaculation is the spiritual matter.  Everything has a physical and spiritual component to it, this is the African way.  So let me share this with all you who are in love.  During sex when you feel that moment when the inevitable is about to happen, as you feel that life essence leaving your body…at the SAME TIME you must mentally sense life energy going up the Spinal Canal reaching the Pineal Gland.  You must see it and feel it going up and reaching the Pineal Gland!  This is called Injaculation!

This is why it is so important to get back to your culture because you have been walking around with one hand over one eye thinking you are seeing the world with FULL VISION!  You are an African with a European mind so Maat and its principles are unknown to you. Everything has a Male and Female principle, everything has a physical and spiritual component…EVERYTHING!  During Injaculation you will feel a rush go to your head, almost like an explosion or fireworks. Women this is not just for men, even if the man cant get you to that moment,  you can mentally take yourself there where you can see that energy reaching your Pineal Gland. When you are alone and if you are comfortable with pleasuring yourself, you can take yourself to that moment of ecstasy and as you ejaculate,  you can at the same time practice injaculation.

Love is a European concept, it has no reality in African spirituality.  Get to know yourself and your OWN self expression.  Stop falling for some bullshit reverse psychology called “reverse racism”  just because you refute European concepts and beliefs and want African centered spiritual systems.  You are African and it only be natural that you gravitate to what is African.  May what I shared with you from the Ancestors resonate with you whether you be African or European.  ASE’ ASE’ ASE’

Book from your brother will be out by Summer. Religion, the REAL Matrix!


Power to the goddamn People!



This is part 2 of EVERYTHING IS ENERGY,  in part one I wanted to emphasize that there is no moral construct in energy.  This is done by a MIND that is still under religious indoctrination.  The spirit world is part of that same energy,  so you cant have BAD SPIRITS coming after you and GOOD SPIRITS holding your hand.  I know in some systems they do have good and bad spirits,  so this is MY thesis, and I have no problem with people who will disagree.  I just refuse to put that negative shit on the Ancestors that some of them are evil,  but you do want you want to do.

What our people did in the physical world was done in the physical world.  To me that has no bearing in the spirit world,  I had an Auntie that was mean as hell in the physical world,  if a goddamn devil has bad intentions towards me, I don’t expect my grandma to handle that retaliation shit for me,  I know Auntie see shit that I don’t, and I let her handle that.  Positive energy for the resurrection and the Dark side for the protection!  No evil or bad energy will I ever label the Ancestors with,  but as I said you do what you need to do.

You ever notice that the scriptures always have the prophets by themselves when God speaks to them?  Why is there NO ONE ever around when God speaks to them?  Because YOU are the prophet and YOU are the God who is speaking to the higher SELF,  that’s why no one is ever around because its always been YOU!  The Ancestors are in your DNA,  all the way back in antiquity.  All you have to do is shut the fuck up and let the energy resonate thru you.  The prophet in the book is actually you!  The BOOK is your MIND and revelation will come thru you, not out there!  You are Gods prophet because you are the prophet and you are also the God.  As I said,  the book that is being revealed is your own mind.  Whether it is Bible or Quran or any other so-called holy book,  they ALL came out of the MINDS of human beings,  but the human being gave the goddamn credit to Space Ghost!

We are ALL so disrespectful of our own greatness because we all constantly and consistently  looking OUTSIDE OF SELF for the salvation that is already in you.  Everything is Energy,  but don’t disrespect the Spirit World by placing  a moral sticker to it by calling it good or evil.  Everything in life can only elevate us,  or not elevate us.  We either learn and grow,  or stay ignorant and suffer.  There is NO KARMA GOD that brings payback to you,  what comes to us is thru our OWN HANDS.  Did we listen to the energy that resonated thru us,  or did we follow our own ego and became a victim of it?  The Spirit World is energy,  it can be nothing else but that.  ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!



There is no such thing as a GOOD GOD or a BAD GOD.  A GOOD SPIRIT or a BAD SPIRIT.  In religion they even have something called a “Holy Ghost”,  now what the fuck is that?  What is the difference between a Ghost and a goddamn Holy one?  These are ALL religious constructs to FIT your dogma.  The Spirit world is ALL ENERGY!  What else could it be?  And in energy there is no moral construct,  there is no good energy or bad energy.  When you turn on the light, is the light bad or negative?  When someone comes into a room,  we say “I have a bad VIB about that person”.  What does VIB mean?  It means vibration,  we give it a moral equivalent but its really energy {vibration}. 

Don’t make the spirit world FIT your bullshit dogma by branding a moral construct called good or evil,  your corrupt MIND makes the shit good or evil,  depending on your brand of indoctrination.  The Spirit world of your Ancestors only points to your higher SELF!  The spirit world supports your elevation,  but its OUR responsibility to listen to the signs and instructions that they give.  To make God fit our ideology,  we anthropomorphize  God {didn’t even know that was a fucking word}  to make him more palatable to the mind.  You see our MIND purposely makes God look like the SELF,  because the mind cant handle God being a lizard,  there is no association,  so God has to be MAN-like.  Nothing wrong with God looking like you,  the problem arises that he just LOOKS LIKE you but he is NOT YOU,  he is something OUT THERE.

Everything is energy,  and it resonates with our MATTER.  We cant just make God a man that lives in a “gated community “and he lives similar to how we live…just in space!  These concepts disrespect the beauty and tremendous power of the mind by trivializing and minimalizing the ability of the human to stretch the mind into newer and HIGHER paradigms of thinking.  A man floating into space to sit in a chair next to a anthropomorphic God with a white beard and see thru  white gown is just fucking ridiculous!  This concept is so low in thinking,  you could explain this to a child and they would have no problem following it,  but this is taught in colleges of higher learning and every week in buildings filled with everyone from doctors, lawyers, judges and janitors.

Its just energy that resonates with MATTER.  Its what makes a flower bloom,  its not God…its energy that is resonating with matter, which is the flower.  Well you are JUST LIKE that flower,  you are matter and energy resonates thru you,  and when energy can no longer resonate thru you… you will no longer exist.  You don’t go to fucking space to live with your father,  that energy that was in you,  that animated you, has left and transformed into something else.  It is constantly moving and transforming.  It takes energy to think,  to move your hand,  when something tells you to make a left at the light…that’s energy!  The MIND of our Ancestors is energy and it permeates thru the DNA of our African blood,  from your grandmother to the first human on the planet when SHE made her first footprints.  Now what exactly is this energy that you are speaking of?  What exactly is it?  I have no fucking idea exactly what it is.  I am not going to be like they are in religion and tell you ITS GOD,  and then to go further tell you his goddamn address which is space.  I only use the common term energy because there is no address of energy, its not shaped like something we can digest and it has no moral objective to come save your black ass.  It exist but we cant explain its existence.

When one is in a higher vibration,  they can sense the energy,  they can see the signs.  When one is in a low vibration,  you can also see the energy that drives them.  We may call in negative,  but it doesn’t mean morally,  it only means that which is not constructive to the SELF.  We will continue this subject on the Spirit World being energy in part two soon,  until then may the Ancestors always be with you.  ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



The title alone is blasphemous to many,  it may be difficult for many to actually read this,  even for some women it may be a turn off.  But if you venture off your past biases,  I hope you can appreciate the power of pussy!  Now of course I could say vagina or womb or some other appropriate name for the vessel,  but I want you to get past religious morality and take in the awesome power of women and pussy,  so let us begin.

Religion is such a powerful construct,  in fact there is nothing more powerful than religion, except for pussy!  Religion is so powerful that it makes the human being suspend common sense and critical thinking.  What do I mean by this?  Well, when an Adult,  not a child,  but a grown ass man and woman can actually believe that a man got his ass out of a boat and walked on water….literally walked on water or another man waved a goddamn stick and made the seas split,  and thirdly that a virgin got pregnant by a holy ghost[whatever the fuck that is]  these 3 examples show you the tremendous power of religion on the human psyche.

So if the human can believe THAT, then there is nothing more powerful than religion…except for pussy!  All thru the fictional books of Bible and Quran,  you see examples of so called religious men falling victim to women.  Now of course I can see the average man being a victim to the sexuality of women,  but not God’s chosen men of the book…But they do!  Now if even God’s men can fall victim and you are going to use the excuse that they are human too,  then we can stop here and concede that pussy is greater than God.

Lets start with Adam,  God made Adam with his OWN hands and personally instructed him of what to do and what not to do.  Now while he was by himself he obeyed all the rules and laws of God,  but when that woman came he disobeyed God almighty and went along with what Eve wanted.  What was it about Eve that made Adam submit?  Hmmm.  Adam saw that ass, hips and breast and said “Girl,  give me that goddamn Apple”!  Lets move to God’s chosen David,  he was selected by God to lead the Jews,  but David caught a glance of Bathsheba taking a bath and lost his damn mind!  He had his bestfriend, who by the way was already married to Bathsheba killed in battle so he could have her all to himself.  Pussy is more powerful than God!

In Islam in some orthodox teachings,  if you die a martyr in the service of Allah,  there are 72 virgins awaiting you in heaven.  Now, now, now why would Allah entice you with NEW PUSSY?  Why not the gift be that you would be closer to Allah for your service?  The fact that he would offer you women lets you know,  even Allah knew the power of pussy.  So I guess there is fucking in Islamic heaven?  And why do you need that many damn women?  If you take ALL the women on the planet and put them on the moon,  in 30 days Bibles and Qurans would be in the trash and men would be catching Uber’s to get to the fucking moon!  Pussy is that powerful!

In India there is a deity called Shakti and Kali,  one of the depictions of Kali is a bunch of severed Men’s heads made into a necklace around her neck,  she is standing on top of the body of her lover Shiva.  Now she is not an evil deity,  these men represent those who were evil doers and tried to conquer the unbridled nature of the feminine energy.  Shiva,  her lover is sparred because in this depiction he is laying supine as she stands over him,  he lays in total submission to the feminine energy of Kali.  Even in Catholicism,  Mary is called the Mother of God.  Jesus doesn’t come into existence unless he comes thru the divine lips of Mary.

Even if we get past the fictional books of religion,  there is the untold amount of Pastors that have become victims to the power of pussy.  Not just pastors but Presidents,  athletes, entertainers,  the shit never ends.  The woman is a powerful entity,  she compliments the nature of men.  His soul, mind, and his body benefits because of her presence.  He craves what the woman can give him.  There is so much praying to God,  but it is SHE that can totally satisfy the needs and wants of the man,  and it is this satisfaction,  particular the sexual satisfaction that makes the man desire pussy over Gods heaven!


Power to the Goddamn People!



This topic and subject can go in many avenues.  But as usual,  I want to make it Metaphysical then turn it back to the SELF.  If you google Philosophers Stone, it will say “An alchemical substance capable of turning Base metals into Gold”.  Whenever you read something in religion or about philosophy and it don’t make no damn sense,  then it is POINTING to something else.  You have never seen someone turn worthless metal into gold.  So this has to be pointing to something else.  I have said on many occasions that if it is pointing outside of SELF that is Religion,  if it is pointing toward the SELF that my friend is Spirituality.  YOU are the alchemist, and you are the worthless metal that needs to be transformed in Gold.  Now if you look at this shit in some spooky way and look for an actual piece of metal to turn into gold,  then you miss the deeper intellectual GOLD MINE that lays underneath and hidden [Amen]

In the Bible it says “The Corner Stone that the builders rejected WILL BE [future tense] the CAP STONE.  Now we have to define what is a Corner Stone and what is a Cap Stone.  A Corner Stone is an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends.  A Cap Stone is a stone fitted ON TOP of a roof or over a megalithic tomb.  Now again the Corner Stone and Cap Stone are ALL related to the SELF!  First the Corner Stone,  an important quality or feature on which a particular thing depends on.  The Corner Stone of African people has ALWAYS been their CULTURE.  Its has been that important feature we depended on.  Within the culture was a proper knowledge of SELF that encompassed Diet, Spirituality, Name, Attire, Female and Male cohesiveness, Education and Economics.  Now we have been cut off, removed and placed here in the wilderness of North Amerikkka,  we have lost that particular Corner Stone or important feature.

Before the Arab came in and robbed and pillaged Kemet[ancient Egypt] on top of the pyramids was the CAP STONE.  Its was covered with limestone then POLISHED which made it beam like a LIGHT,  this was the symbol of the illuminated human being.  The BODY was the Corner Stone and the HEAD was the Cap Stone.  Again even in ancient Kemet everything represented the SELF.  So in antiquity, when you looked or walked around the pyramids it was only symbolic of a fully illuminated human whose CAP STONE was polished!  So back to the alchemist who makes worthless metal into gold.  What good is a person who is ignorant to the knowledge of SELF?  When I say ignorant I don’t mean dumb or stupid,  ignorant means UNAWARE.  When a person or people is unaware of who they are,  they are useless except to be exploited.  So an ignorant person is analogous to that worthless metal,  something of no worth except to the alchemist.

But for the last 500 years the only alchemist we have had has been the European,  and he has turned us into GOLD for his use.  So we have to be our own alchemist,  the problem is for the masses we are UNAWARE that we in this condition because we have a job and a car so we BELIEVE we are alright.  We have to look at our state here in America and throughout the diaspora so we can see we are as worthless metal,  but we were PUT IN THIS WRETCHED CONDITION and we have to be our OWN alchemist to get ourselves out of it.  We have to GO BACK[SANKOFA[ to the Corner Stone that which we depended on,  which was the CULTURE.  And within the Culture we will find the PROPER KNOWLEDGE OF SELF.  By us being the alchemist and finding that Corner Stone that the builders rejected,  and WHY did they reject it?  It was prudent for them to teach us to REJECT our Culture,  for it is this very rejection that keeps us worthless metal and prevents us from POLISHING OUR CAP STONE!

When this is done, that which was worthless metal will become GOLD[GOD] again.  Look for a book by your brother by summer,  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!