In the bible there is a story of a reluctant prophet,  who refused his divine mission that was giving to him by God…his name was Jonah.  Instead Jonah went on a sea voyage and God had him swallowed up by a whale.  Now if you literally believe this shit, stop reading now and go to bed.  Lets dig deeper and find a metaphysical understanding to this mystery.  First why would God do this foul shit anyway?  This all loving God is going to make Jonah do some shit that he doesn’t want to do.  God is going to force you, break you,  until to submit and accept him and his request,  read that shit again and tell me what that sounds like…shit sounds like rape!  But Satan is the bad guy?

Anyway,  back to the story,  so during the sea voyage he gets swallowed by a whale and stays in the belly of the whale for 3 days,  now under the influence of the blue pill,  many of us never questioned this due to the tentacles of religion.  But we are becoming illuminated beings now,  so we cant think as we did yesterday.  Like this fictional character Jonah,  we all have a destiny,  but no one is to force you to fullfill that destiny.  That is exclusively your cross to bear.  But when an individual does find what she/he was produced for and fullfills that purpose,  they leave a heavy foot print on the Earth.  But there is no space ghost that will punish you for your  own failure,  we do that to ourselves!

So since the story of Jonah cant be a literal one,  lets delve down the rabbit hole.  The water that surrounds the whale represents the consciousness and the whale represents the Ego and or insecurities.  The shallow waters of SELF is the Ego and insecurities,  however,  there are some depths into our consciousness that many of us fail to delve into the deep waters to see what lurks there.  Like the whale,  when the ego comes up for air {and that all it is…air} there is no substance.  The whale has to come up occasionally for air in order to survive,  we believe that we have to showcase our ego for our survival.

Unlike many fish,  the whale can go to great depths,  where it sees unusual creatures.  This again represents the great subconscious,  the deeper you go like the whale you encounter more unusual experiences.  Jonah was in the belly for 3 days,  this represents knowledge, wisdom,  and understanding,  the 3 components for enlightenment!  The knowledge is the exposure to a thing,  the application is the wisdom,  and finally after we get exposed to something, then apply it,  we get the UNDERSTANDING!  The 3 days also represents the triple darkness of the womb.  The Black woman represents the SEA,  her womb represents the Whale,  and the child represents Jonah.

Finally,  the whale coughs Jonah up on the shore,  just like coming out of the womb,  when it is your time to fullfill your destiny,  the Universe will give you up to the elements.  No more time to keep you hidden and protected,  you must now go for SELF from what you have learned in the triple darkness.  When the whale coughed him up,  he is touching water and land,  the Water represents his spiritual experience and the Land represents his Body.  They are ONE and now communicate,  the mind and body touch and are ONE!  This is the whole purpose of SELF ILLUMINATION and knowledge of SELF,  for the MIND AND BODY to touch,  to communicate.  But we must be swallowed up by the vicsissitudes of life until the Universe is ready to birth us to our new reality.  I pray that the Ancestors helped me facilitate a better and deeper understanding of the Jonah and the Whale story.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’



In part one I went over some  of the madness I see in this so-called conscious community.  The shit is turning into religious constructs,  even to the point where we have so-called holy men and women who have the bat phone to the Supreme Being {whoever the fuck that is.}  I want to emphasize that whatever experience that I may describe or anyone describes to you will always come from your mind!  Where else could the shit come from but your OWN mind?  I hear dumb shit about a blood moon and the planets lining up and to expect strange experiences,  its ALL in your head.  All is mind, all is mind,  all is mind,  a goddamn planet will NOT make you more spiritual,  its fucking crazy that I have to even mention that.

Back to that definition of Consciousness,  though very general it is the foundation.  To be aware of and respond to one’s surroundings.  Are you AWARE of who you are and where you are?  Are you AWARE of the time and space you are currently living in?  Are you CONSCIOUS of this?  Look at the condition of African people here in the wilderness of North America and throughout the diaspora,  ANYWHERE and I do mean anywhere where we are in proximity to the European,  even on the African continent though we may be there in mass,  what is the condition of the mind and consciousness of African people?  If anyone says we are all the same,  please get the fuck off my blog.  You are either a liar of you are being disingenuous,  but you are NOT ignorant of the disparity between the two.

I am not going to labor you with the disparities because we ALL know them,  but out of mental and spiritual SELF PRESEVATION,  we have conjured up this belief in something OUTSIDE OF SELF.  For some of us we have to believe in something outside of self because life on earth has become a living hell,  so it has to be something UP THERE that is better than here.  Unfortunately African spirituality is turning into that same direction.  I have heard individuals that I admire for their knowledge say “Lets leave here,  and join the spirit world”,  “Earth is the lower vibration and once you leave this physical form,  there is a  spiritual world that is MUCH BETTER”.  How the fuck does ANYONE know this?  And what is the difference from this jargon shit and what the religious madness preach?  Not a goddamn thing!  YES I believe in a spirit world,  but its ALL MENTAL!  My mind makes it real,  I don’t have any empirical evidence of such world,  so my MIND has to make it real,  but I am CONSCIOUS of what the fuck I am doing!

So in this so-called conscious community,  when some guru talks about in a definitive way about the after life, soul, spirit, and astral world please understand that is ALL bullshit,  no one knows a goddamn thing about what’s after death.  And if it was so damn good on the other side,  why don’t these negros pop themselves in the mouth or temple to get the shit over with so they can get to the place of euphoria?  No these negros love it here,  they love the attention they get here,  because if they didn’t they would leave this so-called low vibration spot called earth and go to the ultimate and highest form of vibration in the spirit world they talk so highly of.

Not me,  I am not leaving this earth pre-maturely to go to this so-called spirit world.  I’m not leaving this precious earth to the European SO THEY CAN enjoy all its beauty and splendor so I can go to SPACE.  I am going to stay here for as LONG as I can and do what the fuck my Ancestors told me to do,  and that is KNOW MY SELF,  so I can BE AWARE and RESPOND to my surroundings.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



The definition of Consciousness in  dictionary form is…”Aware of,  responding to one’s surroundings”.  Now of course this is a basic form of what consciousness means,  so I am going to go deeper and make it metaphysical in meaning.  I also am going to dedicate this particular blog to the ” so called conscious community” in the form of critique,  because some of what I see that is being spread in the name of being conscious,  is on some bullshit.  The conscious community is slowly turning into the goddamn Church!  Negro’s out here trying to show themselves as special and having some X-MEN type of skills that separates them from the masses of the people.

Like a goddamn Pastor,  they present themselves as close to the spirit world and you must come to them or their fucking class to get this esoteric wisdom.  Now of course some of us have studied our ancient wisdom longer than others,  but that don’t make that negro closer to the ancestors than you.  If you look at the great ones like Dr. Ben,  Dr. Clark,  Dr. Van Sertima,  they didn’t have no damn classes  that required you to pay in order for you to get the wisdom,  and they never presented themselves as being special apart from you.  I don’t denounce someone trying to be an entrepreneur,  just not the pimping on the backs of black people.

Back to the definition,  to be aware and respond to one’s surroundings. The definition is very vague and ambiguous,  to be aware of WHAT?  Our Ancestors gave us one instruction,  and only one….KNOW THY SELF!  This is what we have to be AWARE OF.  I listen to lectures and speakers of ALL kinds,  and hear the most outlandish shit just to convey how special they are.  ” Me and Michael Jackson speak all the time”.  I spoke to Mandela,  spaceships picking niggas up,  and the remarkable thing about all of it,  they can never reproduce the shit or perform it in front of someone.   Its the same religious shit when one says ‘God came to me or spoke to them”.  Its always alone when this so called goddamn conversation takes place.  So when someone from the “conscious community” says they spoke to a spirit,  been on a UFO,  been to other planets,  I suck my teeth to shit like that until you can put the shit in my hand,  get the fuck out my face!

Now, now, now I know what you’re about to say,  I have read some of your posts and you speak of the spirit world on many occasions,  so what about that negro?  True, true, true but let me clarify…..All that shit is mental!  Again and again and again and again,  the FIRST LAW of Djehuti is ALL IS MENTAL,  ALL IS MIND!  There are No Ancestors out there,  there are No Gods out there.  Whatever you see,  whatever you FEEL,  that shit is ALL MIND.  Now I had a DREAM I spoke to Malcolm on SEVERAL occasions,  and he gave me some PERSONAL instructions,  now did I REALLY speak to Malcolm,  or was the shit ALL in my mind?  I also had a conversation with Dr. Khallid,  but again the shit was all mental.  I am not trying to convince you that I am doing some shit that people do EVERYDAY.  This is the problem I have with those in the conscious community,  they are trying to convince you that they possess some ancient wisdom that you must come to them to PAY for.

You ever notice that these so called negro guru’s never have a conversation with Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer,  its always someone they admire,  letting you know the shit is always subjective.  Why have they not spoken to Charlie Brown of Santa Claus?  Because your MIND makes it REAL,  and on some conscious level we pick and choose what’s REAL to us.  I was in the church for over 20 years,  and I have never caught the Holy Ghost…not ONE time,  now why is that?  Those that do CATCH the Holy Ghost [how the fuck do you catch a holy ghost} anyway,  they never catch his ass at the bank or at the grocery store…why?  Because your MIND makes the shit REAL while you are in a SAFE environment called CHURCH!  In part two I will go further into what is being conscious and what is the responsibility of those of us who SAY we are conscious and what that responsibility is to those who are still sleep.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



In part one I went over how dogma and religious indoctrination shape our mental projection of what we believe is a spirit.  The indoctrination has been so thorough that if I ask you right now to picture God,  it would be a white man with a grey beard.  Now who the fuck taught you that?  As children I expect our imagination to run wild about the spirit world,  but we should NOT be thinking the same damn way about the spirit world as adults as we did as children.  For me it has to be relative and it has to be AFRICAN.  You telling me about the spaceships and Martians don’t have shit to do with me as an African.   I am not denying the existence,  I am just saying the nigga never came to my house,  so lets chop it up over shit I can relate to in my life on this Earth.

So go read part one  so we can connect in this part two.  The Law of Correspondence,  As Above-  So Below,  as I said it has many meanings  but this subject is the Unseen and Spirit world so we will go in that direction.  If we all have a physical body,  then we must have a spiritual body also,  as above so below.  But we must elevate our thinking,  it cant be some little man that lives inside of us that floats out when we die,  the shit is childish.   I am the PHYSICAL embodiment in the contemporary time of an Ancient African woman.  I am talking the first human to walk, think and speak on planet earth was an African Woman,  I am not going into detail or argue with anyone on this archeological and historical fact,  you have no evidence of any other human older than her so lets move the fuck on.  So I am a physical representation of her,  within my DNA is her DNA,  and within my DNA is her soul, spirit, and her spiritual essence which is connected to my MIND!  So her ancient thoughts are within me,  and THIS IS THE UNSEEN AND SPIRIT WORLD!

This is the UNSEEN CONNECTED TO THE SEEN!  But if you looking in fucking space for your spirit,  you miss the damn connection you should be having.  So when I read about this mythological creature called Jesus saying “What I hear,  I speak”.  I know exactly what he is saying,  his physical brain which encompasses his mind,  is connected to the Unseen world,  but he doesn’t hear shit from outside of self,  it comes from within.  Now of course crazy ass fools hear voices all the time,  I cant speak on them,  only you can answer this question ” Is what I am hearing from the ancestors,  or am I just crazy as hell?”  Because if anyone who believes in an Abraham,  is crazy as fuck.  He heard God tell him to take his only son and stab him in the goddamn chest to prove to God that he loved him.  Really?  Really?  What kind of crazy, demented, insecure, bitch ass God are you serving that would make such a request?  But this is the Father of ALL 3 of the Western religions,  and religious people in all 3 will rationalize this crazy shit.

When the book says that the heavens opened up,  and Jesus heard the voice of God,  it is not talking about a literal beaming voice that everyone could hear.  Its speaking of the Mind connection with the Unseen world that’s coming from within.   The heavens opening up is an OPENED MIND that is unfettered by religious dogma and is capable of receiving higher wisdom.  So its OPENED AND CONNECTED to ancient wisdom that pre dates the contemporary body,  and depending on how conscious you are,  will depend on the VOLUME  of the voice.   ASE’ ASE’ ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



Now we all have heard of these concepts of the Spirit World and the Unseen,  However,  of course our minds have been polluted with the indoctrination of Religion.  So when this subject comes up,  we resort to what we BELIEVE from our religious dogma.  To be honest,  it lacks any evidence of HIGHER thinking but is rich in childish imagination.  I say that not to impugn the intelligence of someone’s belief,  but sometimes we just have to fucking THINK!  Here are the nominees….Something that LOOKS like a BODY,  but is transparent.  It lives INSIDE you but it doesn’t come out UNTIL YOU DIE.  You have never seen it,  but its SHAPED like a body.  When it comes to the spirit world,  these are our thoughts that we believe with no hesitation.  I mean if you re-read them,  they sound like a goddamn Batman/Riddler riddle that you have to figure out.

If I am to be honest,  my thesis is not founded on EMPERICAL evidence either,  but my thesis is ALWAYS rooted in the Ancestors {Who DID exist at one time} and is always rooted in the viability and integrity of the SELF.  There is NOTHING out there in space but SPACE that has any viability for you as an African.  Let me say that again,  there is NOTHING out there in fucking space that is RELATIVE to you as an African!  I know there are  the stars that represent Ausar,  and the 3 stars that represent the 3 Great pyramids,  and Sirius A/B that the Dogon tribe speak of.  There is nothing wrong with studying the constellations,  ALL the ancients did it,  but you live HERE on earth and this is where your black ass is going to die at.

Lets just entertain the bullshit for a moment,  even if there were a Billion planets out there that could sustain life,  you are NOT going there ever!  So who gives a fuck about a Martian or a pyramid on Mars or the moon.  This is where you will live and die,  so make your spiritual system RELATIVE to WHO, WHAT AND WHERE YOU LIVE!  I know some of you have heard we are ALL Space dust from billions of years ago and everything is ONE.  Don’t that shit sound cool?  Now what can you do with that bullshit?  How did that knowledge raise your consciousness as an African that lives on a planet dominated by European thought?  Your spirituality has to DEAL with the world you are born in,  and you telling me about some fucking space dust is not going to do it.

So back to the subject of the Spirit and Unseen World,  so when your so-called holy books speak of God,  your elementary MIND goes straight to a WHITE MAN with a GREY beard,  now as an African we can just STOP right there,  but let us progress,  so he is a SPIRIT but he has a GREY beard?  And lets not forget the WHITE robe,  now I have said on many occasions,  what the fuck does a spirit need with a robe?  Anyway back to the beard,  if it is grey that means he is getting OLDER,  and if he is getting OLDER then he will EVENTUALLY DIE,  that is the natural progression.  Now you cant have the shit both ways,  he is OLD with a grey beard but he never dies,  make up your damn mind.  I just want us to THINK when it comes to our religious indoctrination and not be so credulous out of so called piety.

So my thesis of African spirituality  is rooted in our ancient African ancestors.  In ancient Kemet one of the Laws of the God Dejuhti was the Law of Correspondence.  As Above,  So Below.  It has many meanings on many levels,  so lets go in this direction,  if you have a Physical Body then it has to be CONNECTED to a Spiritual Body,  or an INVISABLE Body….As Above So Below.  But its NOT something in the sky or OUTSIDE of the SELF,  its YOU!  Its ALWAYS been YOU.  When I say SPIRITUAL BODY,  that actually is a misnomer which I will break down in part two.  But rest assure it is not a Body that is transparent or lives in you like a little man,  but it is CONNECTED to the Physical and resides in the SELF.  We will make the Spiritual Unseen connection in part two/  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the Goddamn People!



The Ego prevents the Human Being from reaching higher forms of mental vibration.  The Heart Chakra is a HIGH spiritual vibration,  but there is no way to reach such a level if you are dominated by the ego.  Let me first say we ALL have an ego,  its impossible not to have one.  It is formed as a PROTECTIVE MEASURE when we feel there may be the “potential” we may get hurt by someone who has an influence over us.  It comes out of the law of SELF PRESERVATION,  but on a low and animal level.

When we believe someone has power or influence over us,  our ego says “I am protected,  you cant hurt me”.  Its always false and its never the REAL YOU.  However,  we pawn it off as if this is the real representative of who we are.  Rich people who have become in debt,  produce an ego.  Pretty women who are really insecure about themselves,  produce an ego.  Men with big mouths or like to show off in the gym,  produce an ego to HIDE their own insecurities.  Its a false sense of SELF trying to desperately portray to the world that THIS is who I really am.

This is ALL dominated by the Lower Self and due to this one cant elevate the SELF to higher vibrations.  This is why in Ancient Kemet when one died they threw away the BRAIN but kept the HEART!  They didn’t give a fuck how smart you were,  because that can be demented by the Ego.  The Ancient African wanted to know what was the CONDITION OF YOUR HEART.  So when you see pictures of Jesus [who was a MYTH] but to make my point,  when you see pictures of Jesus,  some show an EXPOSED Heart and a halo around his head.  On a metaphysical level,  this is a very powerful picture on many levels.  In one sense it says “I am a FULLY ILLUMINATED Human and my Heart is FULLY FUNCTIONAL on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL”.

Showing the Heart has nothing to do with a physical heart beat,  it means when you are in my PRESENCE you FEEL my Heart rhythm and Energy.  It also means if my Heart Chakra is vibrating then my Throat Chakra is activated,  because when I speak IT CUTS into the fog of your Mental.  My Pineal Gland is resonating,  because when you see me smile you see LIGHT emanating from me.  Look at a picture of Malcolm smiling,  and tell me you don’t see LIGHT emanating from the Ancestor.

There is nothing wrong with an Ego,  we ALL have one,  but to be AWARE that we have one and when it does start to awaken in us, that we are cognizant of it.  That we are aware it is a FALSE perception of the SELF,  so we don’t let it dominate the spiritual psyche.  I am being repetitive with the word AWARE because many of us are UNAWARE or ignorant we are doing this because our EGO BECOMES THE REAL BEING.  I have said many times….. THE MIND MAKES IT REAL!

So when this happens,  our spiritual SELF,  STAYS on a Low vibrational level and this becomes the NORM and anything outside of this norm becomes a struggle and this is where our Spirit now resides.  Do not let the Ego dominate the SELF,  you can use it when its appropriate,  then put it away when it is not needed and RAISE that vibration to the Heart Chakra……and Beyond.


Power to the Goddamn People!

THE HEAVEN CONCEPT {The other side, part 2}


Now as I always say when I have two series,  to go back and read part one so you can understand my mental constructs and how I am coming to certain conclusions as we tie up things in part two.  Our Heaven concept had to come from some origin,  and that ORIGIN had to be wrapped in “Mythology”.  Why do I say that?  Because heaven is just a CONCEPT,  that’s  ALL it is,  and a concept is just an IDEA of what it is or COULD BE.  So since its just and idea with NO PROOF it had to come from Mythology.  As I said in part one,  we are going to go past the SLAVE mind manipulation taught to African people to make them more DOCILE by giving them a doctrine about some shit in the SKY where you live with WHITE Jesus.  We are going to focus on the CONCEPT and its origin.  Unlike Religion,  in spirituality we ALL have to find our OWN WAY,  so if you disagree with my thesis I am totally fine with that,  if you agree then BUILD onto it with your own additions.

For me Mythology has to be the origin of the Heaven Concept,  However,  that concept came from our Dreams and based on our particular CULTURE,  we took our dreams and built a Wonderland where our love ones go after death,  but our Wonderland had to be BUILT around something that is FAMILIAR to what we do in our LIVING STATE [THIS PART IS SO CRITICAL}  So in Heaven or the Other Side there is a Mansion with singing and White Robes {why a spirit would need a robe I will never know} also streets of GOLD, all familiar shit we know of as living beings,  isn’t that interesting?  In Ancient Kemet they would put the Lungs, Heart, Intestines, Stomach in Canopic Jars because in the Next Life you would need them,  along with some riches,  but this was the CULTURE that was wrapped in the mythology.  I went to see a movie about Two Sharks that was terrorizing and killing a group of teenagers,  that same night I dreamt about Two large Spiders chasing me and terrorizing the community,  now was this dream a SIGN that was given to me and I should study what does two spiders represent in mythology “OR” was it my OWN MIND being subjectively stimulated by the movie I just saw?  No one fucking knows because EVERYTHING IS BELIEF!

If you notice in ALL DREAMS the deceased comes back in the LIKENESS THAT YOU LAST REMEMBERED THEM,  now isn’t that interesting.  This is the LAST PICTURE you have in your MIND of them.  So it is in religion,  when one BELIEVES after their death they will see Grandma or a Spouse,  they are NOT looking for grandma when she was a BABY.  If they died at the age of 80,  they are NOT  looking for their spouse at the age of 15,  they are looking for an old wrinkled woman JUST LIKE THEM.  Why is your mind playing tricks on you like this?  This is ALL you know, and in Western Religion thru DREAMS we have BUILT a particular CULTURE that has been indoctrinated in us so thoroughly that OUR MINDS have made this REAL!  You believe that when you die and go to heaven,  your mind is FIXATED on your love one looking EXACTLY like the LAST TIME you saw them?  Now lets just ASSUME Heaven is real,  if I die at 90,  why the fuck would I want to be in that vessel for ETERNITY?  So when my loved ones get there they WANT  to see me at 90 years of age….Fuck that,  I want to be 25 or 30!  I am sure  that Elvis is ” NOW IN HEAVEN” {FOH}  he doesn’t want to be fat, bloated, smoked out Elvis,  he wants to be that one on the goddamn postage stamp.

But look at the Mythology here in the Western World,  not only are you looking for something that you are FAMILIAR with,  grandma, spouse, children but you are also looking for someone to be TRANSPARENT WITH WHITE ROBES.  If they are transparent,  why do they need a damn Robe?  Because this is the Mythology and the Culture that has been branded in your psyche to believe.  When you finally see Jesus,  you are ACTUALLY expecting to see this nigga with NAIL HOLES in his hand….I mean you are OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS!  Your mind is dominated by nostalgia,  so Heaven CANT be just a bunch of damn LIGHT OR ENERGY,  no you want to SEE grandma,  and you say this in your language “One day I will SEE HER again”.  But this is your MIND subjectively doing this and this Western Culture feeds the shit.  When your love ones died,  did you see a BODY looking spirit come up out of them?  Then who the fuck told you that’s what they LOOK LIKE?  Movies, Books, Pastor and yes DREAMS!  But the only reason your dreams manufactured these images is because they were stimulated by what you SAW in the Culture,  and your MIND filled in the spaces.

So its all a CONCEPT,  that comes from MYTHOLOGY.  In Ancient Kemet the CONCEPT was AFTER DEATH,  your deeds while you LIVED was judged against the weight of an ostrich feather,  if your HEART was heavier than the feather your soul went to the abyss,  if it was Lighter it merged again with your Spirit and Ausar allowed you to enter into paradise and you needed your organs and wealth because it was a CONTINUATION of THIS LIFE,  but in a different realm,  its just a CONCEPT.  However,  the REAL wisdom in the mythology was to LIVE CLEAN while you LIVE,  make sure your HEART stays LIGHT from evil and wrong doing,  and any MESSAGE you get during your dreams,  parallel that with the CULTURE and let that be your guide.  ASE’  ASE’  ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!