All praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to our elders, those who will read this and those who will not. And praise to all the African Kings and Queens…yet to be born. ASE’

This is just in time for what is called Easter. Every year millions of people practice something called Easter. Now the shit is NOT in the bible, so where did you get this shit from? If Jesus died on a particular day, and easter is to celebrate his resurrection, then why is the shit sometimes in March and sometimes in April? If his ass was real and he existed, then his resurrection would have happened on a certain and particular day, and THAT DAY would be the SAME DAY every fucking year!

Now what the fuck does COLORED EGGS have to do with the resurrection of Jesus? So, you as African people are practicing shit you have no knowledge of its history. So, let’s look at this madness again. You are worshipping a WHITE savior, who’s resurrection vacillates from March and April every year. Its practice is NOT in your holy book, and lastly you throw in some fucking-colored eggs! What kind of people are you? You have been thoroughly and completely turned inside out, and you are other than who you should be, so much so that you are a total aberration!

In the Europeans history called the “Dark Ages”, where they walked in gross darkness, they had a ritual that they would practice after winter to “hopefully” bring in Spring. Again, this is the European. So, their women would paint or color themselves, then go hide in the forest in hopes that a man would find them, and if they were found they would engage in sex right there on the ground in the goddamn forest! They, the European thought that THIS ritual would usher in the Spring season. The EGGS represent fertility, the rabbit represents fertility! What does a goddamn rabbit have to do with Jesus? Now some MEN would color themselves “in hopes” to be found to also engage in sex with the men. Now you can take this shit or disbelieve it, makes me no difference. I am not giving you religion…belief is NOT a requirement! This is the ORIGIN of coloring the eggs, then hiding them, and now your crazy ass is doing the same damn thing!

In their ignorance they even believed that if a goddamn rodent saw its shadow, that would determine if winter would be another six weeks…are you understanding the MINDSET they were in, while at the same time exporting this Jesus figure as a real person who lived in space. Now I haven’t even gotten to my subject of what it is to TRULY RESURRECT, but I need to lay a foundation of shit thinking, and people believing in madness without using the discipline of history as the litmus test before following something just because the dominant culture believes in it.

fucking madness!

Now why has not the masses of people not questioned that some WHITE MAN was dead in a cave for 3 DAYS, then got up and walked his ass out, and got on a goddamn CLOUD and floated into space! Again, this is just shit thinking and I will show you the AFRICAN depiction of where this was stolen and plagiarized. In 2021 Easter was APRIL 4TH, in 2022 Easter is APRIL 17TH. Showing you that they are NOT celebrating someone that actually died, but you are celebrating a pagan ritual that is all about the resurrection of the Earth after its death during winter.

It’s called the Spring Equinox. The root word of Equinox is EQUAL, meaning on that day the LIGHT of the day will be EQUAL to the night, and every year the SUN-DAY following the Spring Equinox is Easter, and this is why it is sometimes in March and sometimes in April. NONE of this shit has anything to do with your Jesus. The European stole pagan rituals and incorporated them into Christianity in order to beguile more people to come to Christianity. This shit is not hard to understand or verify, but if you want to continue to believe that an amazing white man floated his ass into space after being dead for 3 days, I will leave you where you are…for you are NOT ready for real ascension!

Now this part in particular is dedicated to African people, but at the end I will tie all this shit together and make it inclusive for all. If the European gave you Christianity during slavery, once you became so-called free, there should have been 2 things in particular that you should have done immediately after slavery…Number One, change your goddamn name from Johnson, Culpepper, Smith, Jackson, etc to an African name. Number Two, change your religion from whatever the slave master gave you to one that connects you back to Africa. These two should have been done the very next day after slavery!

ALL religions or spiritual systems that he told you to stay away from like voodoo, witchcraft or magic you should have immediately ran to. Anyone that treated you like the European and the Arab under Islam, have no moral compass to suggest to you a goddamn thing as it relates to religion, morality and spirituality.



If you look at the depiction above, this is where it was ALL stolen from. You see the two angels at the feet of Jesus, but as you can see the shit was stolen from the two African female deities Auset and Nepthys at the feet of RA. Now RA here represents the African Male, for the Male to be resurrected, he can ONLY have his resurrection through the woman. If you take another look, you will see the depiction of the SUN, under the Sun is the African symbol the Ankh, and under the Ankh is what is called the DJED PILLAR. The Djed Pillar represents the “Spinal Canal“. So, what you are looking at in this depiction is the rising of the Christ Consciousness and Kundalini Energy through the Spinal Canal all the way up to the Pineal Gland, which is represented by the SUN! And it is initiated through the UNION of the female…THIS is true resurrection! Not some nigga in a fucking cave floating to space!

Let’s delve more into this bullshit story. Jesus says after you resurrect to him in space, he will make a NEW EARTH and a NEW HEAVEN, and all former things will pass away. Now my question is what the fuck is wrong with the present heaven that Jesus needs to make another one? And ALL the shit that is at the OLD heaven what do you do with it, have a heaven yard sale? And where is this NEW heaven going to be located at? Again, nothing but shit thinking! This is ALL Metaphysical conversation.

The NEW heaven and NEW earth are speaking of the SELF! The new heaven is the MIND, and the new earth is the BODY! Again, this shit is not hard to understand, but to have a NEW heaven and a NEW earth there needs to be a NEW proper knowledge of the Self, and this proper knowledge of Self MUST come from your OWN damn culture… no people other than SELF, can give you knowledge of yourself. That shit should be self-evident! No Arab, Mexican, European or Indian no matter their intelligence can properly teach an African of their OWN history and culture without some of their OWN bias seeping into the goddamn discourse.

But once a person has a proper and thorough knowledge of themselves, that MIND or heaven will produce and make changes that will benefit the Earth or body, and it will become NEW! This is the beginning of your resurrection…If one does NOT change their thinking a new heaven and earth can NEVER come!

The SUN resurrects every day, and the Earth resurrects every year. These are only SIGNS of the SELF! Every day, just like the Sun when it dies, something in YOU must die that does not bring you light, or benefit the coming of the new heaven or earth. Since it is every day the Sun dies and resurrects, there should be micro things that we can discard on a daily basis. But the earth dies and resurrects every YEAR, so every year these micro changes should translate to macro changes. So, every day and every year you should be trying to have a rebirth or resurrection, so you are NOT the same person you were yesterday or last year.

If your thought process and how you come to conclusions, including your spiritual format are the SAME as last year, as it was for the last 20 years, then you are the same person that has had no ascension in your life, and this is the state for the masses of the human family…which is truly sad!

But if resurrection was and is for ONE PERSON 2000 years ago, you will never look for it within the Self! And if it happens for you after you physically DIE, this concept was given to the ignorant masses by an enemy to make and keep you a slave and docile negro till death! With this mindset, resurrection will never happen for you…a new heaven and earth awaits the wide awaken ones!

May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments, FEAR, IGNORANCE AND POVERTY.

And may we as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths, Our AFRICAN CULTURE, NATIONALISM, and an unwavering commitment to SELF-PRESERVATION!


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SPIRIT vs. SOUL [part two]


All praises to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the elders who may read this and those who will not, and praise to all the African Kings and Queens…yet to be born. ASE’

So, in part One I went over the folly in thinking that a little man called spirit lives inside the human and just decides to FLOAT OUT after we die. Now whether we have something called a spirit or soul is absolutely subjective in nature, so I am not going to argue the existence or non-existence. What I am saying is the elementary and childish WAY in which we think of it and where it goes after death is what needs more scrutiny. So, since we can’t prove or disprove, we are going to go into the mythology origin of this thing called spirit and soul.

Also, in part One I had to go over how old Kemet and Cush were compared to this so-called civilization called Sumer, due to the European incessantly trying to take all ancient civilizations OUT OF AFRICA! There is something in his psyche where ALL beauty, intelligence, heroism, history, divinity, courage and the “God given” right to rule over ALL has to look like HIM, or else it must be challenged and ultimately UPROOTED and discarded. In his psyche is where this cognitive dissonance rules and exists.

Now where did this IDEA of an invisible entity that lives inside of us come from? Now I have said a thousand times that ALL religions start from mythology, then the European concretized them into real and historic. In African mythology we have something called the KA-BA. The Arab in their ignorance came among the African but could not understand the mythology behind the concept of the KA-BA and erroneously made the shit into a CUBE HOUSE where this male God called Allah lives. So, just like the European they concretized shit that was supposed to stay a myth, but you as the individual was supposed to delve into the mythology and bring out what resonated with you, not make the shit literal!

See the source image
Allah does not live in this fucking CUBE HOUSE called the KA-BA!

In African mythology KA represents the SPIRIT and BA represents the SOUL. In ancient Kemet when one died the SPIRIT stayed with the dead BODY and the SOUL went to the African God Ausar to be judged. Now depending on how you conducted yourself in THIS life, your SOUL was weighed and judged by the “sin” it accumulated in this life. Now I have the word SIN in quotes because the word is NOT parallel with the “religious” bullshit definition or concept. Sin was related to your conduct to Nature, the Ancestors and children.

So, your Soul goes before the God Ausar and it is weighed against an ostrich feather, if your soul was heavier than the ostrich feather, you were judged to be unworthy to see the HEREAFTER and your soul was eaten by a beast that was 1/3 alligator, 1/3 lion and 1/3 hippopotamus. Since your soul was eaten, your spirit waits in limbo awaiting its return for its union, and if not, this is where you get the concept of a spirit that has not found peace and lingers in this world to vex the living. ALL this shit is AFRICAN, but it was mythology! Now your dumb ass talking about spirits flying around and walking around in the goddamn house. Now I know everyone has their OWN experience, and I am not going to argue over some shit that you said you saw, but understand if you look at a coat on a hanger long enough… that shit will come over and shake your hand!

See the source image
Ani being led to be judged by the God Ausar!

Now I want you to look at this fucking picture ABOVE, there is SO MUCH in this picture and so much plagiarism from it that I may not be able to explain ALL that is in it. “NONE come to father but through me”. That statement is so-called from Jesus, but THIS is where it came from. The deceased Ani can only come to the God Ausar, except that he be led by the SON of Ausar Heru. In the white man’s court system, you are JUDGED by 12. At the TOP you have 12 deities that are the JURORS who witness the judging. The deity Tehuti has a head of an Ibis bird, and he is writing the results and has your history of your conduct on earth. This is the plagiarized bullshit from religion that “there is a BOOK with your name written in it and you will be judged by it”.

Also, in bullshit religion the concept that you will STAND BEFORE God, and he SITS in this big fucking CHAIR is all in this scene…it’s all fucking MYTHOLOGY! And it’s ALL fucking AFRICAN!

Now let’s get to this concept of after you die, your spirit or soul goes to fucking heaven or space! IN SPACE or the cosmos, there is the constellation SIRIUS and the constellation ORION. Now in African mythology you MUST have duality, to have a deity that is ONLY MALE is absurd and unbalanced! So, you always had a female and male principle and deities. Duality produces LIFE and this is why homosexuality was from SET or later Satan, and a lifestyle that was not practiced or tolerated, not my subject but needed to be said. So, the constellation SIRIUS represented the Goddess Auset and the constellation ORION represented the God Ausar. They couldn’t give you the original names because that would lead you to Africa, so they came up with Sirius and Orion. So, when the Pharoah died his Spirit and Soul went back to his father and mother, which art in HEAVEN OR SPACE! This is mythology, it was MADE or concretized to be REAL! Also, the Pharoah represents God HERE on earth, he is not the REAL God, he only represents him in God’s absence. This very concept was stolen by the Catholic church, it is the Pope who is the Vicar of Christ, meaning he represents the REAL Christ in his absence. Every fucking thing that came out of African mythology was stolen, plagiarized, changed, lied, copied and regurgitated back to us as vomit in the form of religion!

See the source image

The 3 STARS in Orion’s belt are the 3 pyramids at Giza…”It shall be done ON EARTH as it is in HEAVEN”. It is just SO MUCH that has been stolen and SO MANY lies told to African people. Unless you GO BACK and study your ancient history, you will stay in the maze and Matrix, and it will become harder and harder for you to find your way out. You will live and die a mental slave!

Lastly, this concept of going UP. When one takes their LAST BREATH, that carbon monoxide will leave the physical and go UP into the atmosphere. It will become one with nature and the upper atmosphere that is UNSEEN, but it is NOT some damn little man/woman that floats out of your crazy ass and goes to space to sing, shout and live in a fucking mansion in space… grow the fuck up!

May we as Individuals and as a People overcome our 3 greatest impediments… Fear, Ignorance and Poverty. And may we as Individuals and as a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths…Our African Culture, Nationalism and an unwavering commitment to Self- Preservation!


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SPIRIT vs SOUL [part one]


Let me FIRST open up with ALL praise to our Ancestors, those who are known and those who are unknown. Praise to the elders who may read this, and those that will not. Finally praise to all the African Kings and Queens yet to be born. This is my first blog to open up in that fashion, but it will be mandatory for that opening from now on. Respect to our Ancestors is a must, and I will make sure I practice what I preach…ASE’!

Now to our subject, the belief in a Spirit or Soul goes as far back in antiquity probably before the invention of writing, which no doubt is an African original art! I don’t give a fuck what the European says about this so-called civilization called Sumer. It does NOT predate the civilization of the “mainland” of Africa. I say “mainland” because Sumer was just the East part of Africa. Babylonia and Mesopotamia are all what they call Sumer, which is the eastern extension of the mainland of Africa.

See the source image

I don’t give a damn that the European says this so-called Sumer predates ancient Kemet, he is a damn liar and the truth is not in him! But let me also remind you that ancient Kemet is the daughter of Cush or Ethiopia. Let me say that again, Cush or what is now called Ethiopia is more ancient than Kemet, ancient Kemet is the daughter of Cush. So, if Sumer is NOT older than Kemet, it damn sure is not older than Cush! I know you are saying…Nigga what the fuck does this have to do with the subject? I am moved by the Ancestors to say this before I delve into my subject because someone needed to hear this. The European is obsessed with placing the beginning of civilization outside the mainland of Africa. He is obsessed with making sure the African on the continent and throughout the diaspora believes that ALL civilization started with HIS johnny come lately ass!

See the source image
excellent book on ancient Kemet and Cush by the Ancestor Dr. Ben!

The European even tried to say that the oldest human in existence was found in fucking England. Charles Dawson in 1912 manufactured a skull with a human head and a monkey jawbone and, said that humankind started in fucking England and called this man the “Piltdown Man”, to combat the fact that the oldest human fossils were of an African woman in Africa. Why would he say this? and what is in a people’s psychosis that they would want to dominate every fucking discipline? Dr. John Henry Clark said not only did the European colonize human beings, but they also colonized information! Read that shit again and think of the MIND of a people who needed to perform this act in order to feel secure about themselves. Try and understand the MIND of a people who needed this for their mental security!

See the source image

See the source image

I know, I know, what the fuck does this have to do with the fucking subject? Again, I hear and do what the Ancestors say for me to do, and they said this needed to be said first! Now, back to the subject….Spirit vs Soul is a totally subjective subject. There is no empirical evidence of something called a Spirit or Soul, but for the subject at hand we will entertain it strictly for philosophical and metaphysical purposes. So, since we will be dealing with belief, this belief has to resonate with the SELF! Now of course everyone believes that this so-called spirit and soul resides within the Self, but the problem arises when that same belief says its originator is somewhere outside of the Self, and has its location somewhere in fucking Space, pass the sun and moon and it sits in a big fucking chair…with transparent pajamas! THIS is the problem I have with religion, and I start to clown your monkey ass when you say the originator of the spirit and soul is outside of the Self!

ANYTHING that resonates outside the Self is Religion, and anything that resonates from within the SELF is Spirituality! Now in religion, our elementary thinking of spirit and soul is that there is a “little man” that is invisible that resides inside you, but when we die this little invisible man/woman floats out of us and goes BACK to its originator, which is in fucking Space! Now just read that shit again and ask yourself why intelligent people have not questioned this elementary type of thinking? First of all, where did you get this idea that something invisible called a spirit or soul lives inside of the human since the shit is invisible? Second, if it is invisible when we die where the hell did you get the idea that is floats out of you and goes UP to space heaven? This is just shit thinking!

See the source image

But what is so crazy about ALL this, is that it has an AFRICAN ORIGIN! Heru, why does everything have to have an African origin? I know, the shit is crazy, but ALL stories of religion have their origin in mythology. The problem is when the European concretized mythology into religion and made the shit real!

And if it started with mythology, whether you believe it or not is not a necessity, ALL mythology started with the African! It may seem biased, but unfortunately for some who may not like the shit, it’s just factual! Everyone from the Greek and Roman plagiarized, stole and copied then changed the names to protect the guilty! So, in part two I will go into the African origin of the Spirit and Soul going into space after death… where we got the belief into all this.

I will also go into the difference between the spirit and soul from a philosophical standpoint since we have no empirical evidence of the existence of either of them.

May we as Individuals and a People, overcome our 3 greatest impediments…Fear, Ignorance and Poverty. And may we as Individuals and a People embrace our 3 greatest strengths… Our African Culture, Nationalism and an unwavering commitment to Self-Preservation!



Power to the goddamn People!

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THE LAST DUEL [part two]


So in part one I went over the insecurities of men and the power of pussy, and I used stories in mythology to make my point. I spoke of this constant battle between the feminine and male principle. I say battle because in the European culture it is baked, concretized and overtly practiced that the feminine principle must be dominated! Now this is a direct contradiction in indigenous cultures where there is a union and nexus between the feminine and male principles.

See the source image

It is a MUST that there be a nexus between the two because this nexus is what produces LIFE! Now I am going to give a few more examples in Religion where the woman has to be subordinate in order to appease the man due to his insecurity in himself, and his fear of the power of pussy! Then ultimately, I will go into what the DUEL really means for men to appreciate the feminine principle and to also challenge the Self as it relates to that principle.

In the bible Jesus says in 1st Corinthians 11:3 “The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is MAN”. So Christ is at the TOP, then the man and the woman is on the bottom! So essentially there are TWO men standing on top of the woman. Now as long women allow men to sanction this shit by saying that GOD SAID IT, then gullible human beings will say “Well if God said it, then we have to do it”. So, since it was sanctioned by God, then I can pay the woman less. I can sanction and mandate her womb and prohibit abortion. I can make her the secretary and not the owner or partner. I can even tell her to keep her damn mouth shut while in church. 1st Corinthians 14:34-35 Paul wrote…”As in ALL the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but be in submission”. Now this has to be from a man who is afraid of the power of pussy! What kind of fucking religion is THIS where their so-called holy book would sanction and mandate that the woman keep her damn mouth shut while in God’s house? Only a demonic religion and men who are insecure in the presence of women!

See the source image

In some Islamic countries, the men are so repressive in their expression of the Islamic religion that they dress their women like they are some goddamn Ninjas! You ever see a Ninja movie where they are totally covered and the only thing you can see is their damn eyes? This is how these niggas in Islamic countries dress their women…like goddamn ninjas!

See the source image

The woman is historically and biologically the FIRST human to walk the earth, but she is not intelligent enough to dress herself? While every man as a child was pissing and shitting in their underwear, it was the woman who dressed him, but when men become adults and follow Islam, they then can dictate to women how they must dress. This is the dichotomy and madness of religion!

In the Quran, the Surah or chapter 4 and verse 15 says…”And as for those of your women who are guilty of indecency, call to witness against them four witnesses from among you, so if they bear witness, confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens a way for them”. What the fuck! This shit is in their fucking holy book! Read that shit again where their God says keep their asses in the fucking house until they DIE! This is from a God who is afraid of the power of pussy! What women in the 21st century is STILL following this shit?

Let us continue, in Surah 4 verse 34 it says in the last paragraph “And those of your women you FEAR desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the beds and chastise them”. Now in the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation it says “admonish them and chastise them”, but in other translations it says BEAT THEM! So, it all depends on the goddamn translation on how to treat the woman, now in Afghanistan what translation do you think they follow?

My point in my journey in lambasting ALL religions, is that religion has a severe phobia of the power of women and the power of pussy! So it has to mandate her subordinacy by saying “GOD SAID TO DO IT” in order to give legitimacy to man’s fear and insecurity.

The LAST DUEL is really the fight that WE as men must do amongst ourselves. The woman is not our enemy, she is not our opponent. Religion has mandated this phobia. If you look at the ying-yang symbol, you will see what the feminine and male energy is supposed to be like. One is not dominating the other, they compliment each other. Men have skills that women lack, and women have skills that men lack, but when we come together our deficiency in our skill set becomes an asset!

See the source image

When men try and become women and women try to become something that you will NEVER be, then we produce this MAD world we now see ourselves in. Men must let women express themselves freely and not be intimidated by it. A woman without a knowledge of Self will express herself in a destructive way, but a woman who is equipped with a proper knowledge of Self will shine and blossom and we as men won’t have to worry about her conduct….just choose wisely!

No matter how tight you try to hold and restrict her, her nature will not let her stay confined and you will lose her. Have faith in her and your own secure self, and leave your hand open so she can take hold of it!



Power to the goddamn People!

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THE LAST DUEL [part one]


I went to see this movie called “THE LAST DUEL”, it took place in like the 16th century. It was about a knight who went off to fight for the king, and while he was off fighting on behalf of the king, one of the king’s minions raped his wife. Now since historically the European has never had equality for his European women, it became the burden of the woman that was raped to prove her innocence. So they had a “DUEL”, if her husband won the duel then this was GOD’S PROVE that the woman was telling the truth. If her husband lost the duel, then she was obviously lying. Of course you can see this is a FULL PROVE plan and is bursting with fucking logic! So try and reason with this insane theory that was always levied against women, and to give it credence and worthiness, it was always sanctioned by bullshit religion and of course God!

,This post is about the power of pussy, and the insecurities of men! At ALL times men must rule over women to hide their insecurities, and women must turn down their shine as not to overwhelm her man. First let me showcase my OWN insecurity to show that I am not innocent either. Back in the day when I was married, my wife and I was on our way somewhere and she put on these tight ass jeans. I said “where you going with them on”? We got into this big argument until she finally conceded and took them off. Now she is with her husband, and she wants to shine her sexuality, but because at the time I was so damn insecure, I needed her to bring her shine down to accommodate my insecurity. Now what is so fucking crazy about all this is, if I saw her in those same damn jeans before we got married, I would have loved seeing her in them. Nothing is more powerful than pussy, men shouldn’t be ruled by it, but we should acknowledge and have respect for its power.

Now in the movie when the man found out his wife was raped, he said “Lay down, I wont have his seed being the last thing in you”! Read that shit again and try to understand the callous mind of a man that would tell his wife such madness after being raped and traumatized. Let me show you the power of pussy and the insecurities of men in mythology, but the mythology only mirrors what’s in the mind of the writer of the mythology. In Christian mythology, before there was Eve there was the female Lilith. Now in the mythology Lilith and Adam was made at the same time, and from the same source. Not this rib shit madness! Now when it came to the point where Adam wanted to have sex with Lilith, he demanded that she lay on her back so he could mount her. Well Lilith wasn’t having the shit so she rejected him and said she wanted to be on top, she said she was made equal and at the same time as he, so he had no authority over her. So finally after all the contention Lilith decided to leave the Garden, and God sent some angels after her to bring her back, but when they reached her she cussed they asses out and the angels told God “Listen man we cant do shit with that bitch, so if you want her to come back YOU need to go get her”! I am assuming the conversation went something like that, but anyway God himself didn’t even go after to deal with her so he decided to make Eve. So because of all this God made Eve more of a submissive creature than Lilith, but even Eve couldn’t deal with Adam’s punk ass and decided to go to the Tree of “good and evil”.

I say all that to say that at one point in the Catholic Church it was a SIN for the woman to be on top of the man during sex… I am just going to PAUSE here for a moment and let that shit sink in!

Now what is in the MIND of a man that he is so goddamn weak that he would need to codify this madness in religion?

See the source image

Back to Adam and Eve, so in religion I have heard some religious men say that the woman is the first devil! She is the first devil because she was the one who committed the first sin. Only in religion can you mandate such mental weakness and insecurity in order to rule over women. So God commands both Adam and Eve to stay away from the tree of knowledge, now why the fuck God would make a damn Tree of knowledge, then tell his children to stay away from it? This makes no fucking sense, but this is one of YOUR dumb ass stories! So Eve defies the order of God and goes there and sees a snake in a tree, and has a conversation with a fucking snake. You have grown ass men and women who believe this madness that even a five year old would question.

The snake convinces her to bit into the fruit, and her eyes become open! So by the bibles own admission when she ate the fruit her eyes opened up, which means under Gods rule she was kept ignorant, so much so that God says himself….”Look they have become like US, knowing good and evil”. So God purposely kept them from becoming God like he was, what other proof do you need that the God you been serving is the REAL enemy and devil! He is supposed to be the master of the Universe and bringer of worlds, but was furious of Eve for challenging his authority. He was insecure and needed to bring down Eve’s shine!

But this is ALL METAPHYSICS! The fruit represents the Pineal Gland and the snake in the tree represents the rising Kundalini Energy that rises up the spinal canal, which is the tree! When Eve takes a bit of the fruit, her Kundalini Energy has reached the 7th chakra and the Pineal Gland, and this is “partaking of the fruit”. This is the difference between religion and Spirituality, in religion you must condemn the woman, but in spirituality we celebrate her! She has the yoni, the pussy!

The whole story of Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit is an AFRICAN STORY! Let me say that again…The story of Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit is AFRICAN! It is taking directly from the mythology of the female Goddess Seshat having the fruit of Wisdom, and when a new Pharaoh [African King] took rule, he would invoke and ask the Goddess Seshat to give him the “fruit of Wisdom” so he could rule the kingdom wisely. The European not able to handle a female deity, twisted the goddamn story to condemn the female Goddess, so he changed the name to Eve and said “it was her” that committed the first sin, he was insecure of the Goddess Seshat and needed to turn down her shine.

See the source image
The King is sitting in the middle and the Goddess Seshat is on the right with the fruit of Wisdom. You can see the TREE in her background, and Tehuti is on the left being the messenger of the act!

In part two I will give you more examples of the immaturity and insecurity of the religious folklore, and its incessant attack on the woman due the man’s inability to handle the power of the pussy! And the Real Duel is US as men combating the SELF, and not letting our insecurity condemn and force our women to turn down their shine!



Power to the goddamn People!

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So in part one we talked about the definitional word Natural and Nature. I gave some examples of what is Natural and what is not, and the closer you are to nature the more natural you are. I also said the further away you get from what is natural the more Unnatural you become. Look at part one to get a better understanding of what I mean. I ended part one with the Law of Mendel that was called the “Law of Dominance”. I described the law in a succinct way by saying the Dominant can produce the Recessive, but the Recessive cannot produce the Dominant. At this point we have to describe what is Dominant and what is Recessive. Out of ALL the hues of the human family, nothing is more dominant than Black skin. Out of ALL the hues of the human family, nothing is more recessive than White skin. Now those who may be European and read this, I am sure you are in your goddamn feelings with this statement, but these are just goddamn facts that we ALL have to deal with.

The problem we have in dealing with race issues, is that African people have to always be careful not to injury the sensitivity of white people, so we have to say shit that has to be palatable to their feelings. But when it comes to the feelings of African people, everyone can shit on us and we just have to bear and even grin to the shit! Well not today, you about to get this work! So back to the Law of Dominance, so since African people are the most dominant and the European are the most recessive, this means African people can produce the European, but the European cannot produce the African.

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See the source image

So naturally the question is asked “So what difference does it make?” Now doesn’t that shit sound innocent? “I mean Heru you are just causing problems by asking this when we are ALL human”. Don’t that shit sound good? Now you probably could get away with that shit with the negro, but I know YOU and the mind that the flesh is incased in, and you can’t pull that shit off with me! Since we ALL human and it doesn’t matter, then why did you make God WHITE? Lets just sit here and marinate on THIS shit for awhile…….

WHY did YOU make God white if we ALL one and we ALL human? And YOU didn’t stop there, YOU made his son Jesus white, YOU made the angels white, YOU made his mother white. And YOU didn’t stop there YOU exported this White God ALL over the world, you sent him to China, Japan, Africa, India, North and South America… it DID MATTER! You made an Unnatural image Natural and you put this image in the subconscious mind of the world population.

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So lets get back to the subject at hand, this Law of Dominance. So if you made Adam and Eve white and THEY are supposed to be the FIRST people on the planet, how the fuck they produce the darker people of the world? YOU have no biological evidence, no archaeological evidence and no historical evidence. So what was your intent? What was your intent to make him White? You have the story of Noah where he being a white man produced a black, brown, yellow and Jewish man. Now how the fuck he produce a Jewish man I don’t know. So my point is you TELL the human family that we are ALL ONE, and color doesn’t matter, but your practice is that of white supremacy because YOU did know what your were doing.

This is the reason why RELIGION was manufactured to replace Spirituality. Because you can make white supremacy legitimate by putting your motivation IN THE MOUTH of God, and say it was HIM, you see God sanctioned this so its legitimate. A perfect example of this is the “Curse of Ham”. This is a manufactured LIE that was actually in the bible up until the 6th century that black people were cursed! Let me say that shit again…THIS WAS IN THE BIBLE UP TO THE 6TH CENTURY! So the story goes that Noah was butt ass drunk, and his son Ham saw him in this state and mocked him. So because of this Noah cursed his son Canaan black! It gets better, these are his words….”Because thou has jested at my misfortune, you sons lips shall swell. Because thou has turned you head to see me in this state, their hair shall be twisted in locks”. Now check out this last one, the shit shows you the mental depravity and the envy of the African male. “And their MALE MEMBERS shall be shamefully ELONGATED”. Meaning that black men were cursed with big dicks! THIS is the madness of religion, and as I said, all this was in your HOLY book from Space Ghost up until the 6th century. And the Mormon church and the Jehovah Witness also taught this in their doctrine as recently as a few decades ago until they had to remove it because of their increasingly black converts.

In ALL indigenous people’s spiritual system, everything was based on mythology, this was Natural for the indigenous people, then when the European got exposed to the mythology, he turned mythology into Religion and factualized mythology and made it Unnatural! The reason for this, and this is important… the reason the European didn’t understand mythology is compared to African people, they have not been on the planet long enough to go through the Human Rites of Passage that is produced from Culture mixed with Antiquity! You need BOTH to produce a healthy spiritual system. This system will be based on your mythology from your Ancestors that have been here on this planet for eons of time….THIS cannot be underestimated!


So in summary, kinky hair is Dominant. Hair that lays flat and stringy is Recessive, the dominant can produce the recessive but the recessive cannot produce the dominant. Black skin is dominant. Brown, yellow and white is recessive, the dominant can produce all the recessive colors, but the recessive colors cannot produce the dominant! The more dominant you are the closer to Nature and Natural you are, the further away from what is natural, the more Unnatural you BECOME! Then your MIND will produce products that are of an Unnatural state that have no longevity and will be at odds with Nature!

‘Lastly on the subject of Natural and Unnatural we have to deal with sexuality. Now I am not going to argue about what two consenting adults do in their own private time, but what I am going to deal with is what is natural and what is unnatural. Now again religious folks will sanction that homosexuality is wrong because “GOD” said so, that is not the vein I speak from. I am speaking from nature, homosexuality is against nature! I am not going to put a moral equivalent to it by calling it wrong. Two men having sex is UNNATURAL, two women having sex is UNNATURAL. Now a woman once told me on this subject “Who is to say what is Natural?” This is the state of the human mind, that now you don’t know what the fuck is natural anymore! The African has a sign or symbol called an Ankh, its called the “Sign of Life”. The African knew that anything that produced or promoted LIFE was Natural! Anything that didn’t was considered Unnatural, the shit was not hard or difficult. A man putting his penis in a man’s ass is UNNATURAL, two women rubbing their clitoris and vaginas together is UNNATURAL! You cannot produce LIFE from either action, and as I said the further you go from what is natural, you engage in unnatural acts and practices.

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Now as far has history, homosexuality was never part of our Culture. Before the coming of the Greek and Roman into Africa, African people never had this as part of our lifestyle. I didn’t say we were not aware of it, I said it was not part of our Culture or lifestyle, and we put our disdain for the act in our mythology. Again it goes back to the African having been on the planet for over a million years…. 3.5 million year old remains found of an African woman in Kenya. It is the African going through the Human Rites of Passage where we have a solidified Culture due to our antiquity! But not the Greek and Roman, homosexuality was NOT a alternative lifestyle, it was THE lifestyle. Men laying with other men and even boys was just NATURAL for them. So when they came into Africa and conquered, they brought their sexual maladies with them, and we adopted their lifestyle and culture when we forgot ours. These are all historical facts that have nothing to do with hating someone because of their sexual preference, our subject is what is NATURAL AND UNNATURAL, and homosexuality is an Unnatural activity. I don’t give a damn what the contemporary society says about it. So with all that said, African people need to come home to what is Natural, and you can’t know what is natural until you know what is ancient, and what is ancient is African. In fact you CANT get any more ancient that African! So come back home.



Power to the goddamn People!

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One of the definitions of Natural is…”Anything consisting of Nature”. So that is very vague and broad. So I looked up the word nature, and one of the synonyms was “The set of qualities that makes a person, group, people or thing different from others. Now there it is, there is the delineation between the two. The qualities that makes a thing different. Now before I go into the depth of this, different does not mean better… it just means different! Now I have to say that as a caveat for the sensitive ones that may get into their damn feelings when I go in.

Now there is nothing more natural that the original! In fact original and natural have to be synonymous because in order to be Natural….you have to be Original! In fact, the further away you get from the original you start to become Unnatural! For example lets look at the poppy plant. In its original state its just a plant, and it has some medicinal properties to it, like the suppression of hunger. But the further away from its original state it can become heroin…and it becomes Unnatural!

If you have something called a Ligre, which is a natural Lion and a natural Tiger that you artificially mate together and produce that which is called a Ligre, which is Unnatural. It has been so much removed from its Original state of the original species, that the Ligre is a sterilized animal…it cannot reproduce. So the point I am making is that the further away you get from the Original….it becomes Unnatural.

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Now lets bring this to Human Beings, who are the Original People? Now I know you have Charlton Heston playin Moses and Michelangelo’s boyfriend portrayed as Jesus, but beyond the bullshit stories…who are the Original People? Now the Honorable Elijah Muhammad asks the question…”Who is the Original Man?”. And the answer is “The original man is the maker, the owner, the cream of the planet earth and God of the Universe”. Now many of you may say “now that is just over the top”. But you have to remember in the 1940-60’s black people were calling themselves NEGRO, and Elijah said the Black man needed to be RE-MADE!

Now the only problem I have with Elijah’s statement of “Who is the Original Man?” is where the fuck is the woman at? ALL RELIGIONS, without exception are ALL Male dominated and male oriented. But back to the original question…Who are the Original People? Now without a doubt, archeologically, genetically and historically the original people are African People! Now I know we on some new shit where Black people are now calling themselves Native American or Indigenous instead of African. Now I really don’t give a damn what a negro calls themselves, but let me be very clear for every negro that wants to be a goddamn Indian, the existence and accomplishments of the Native American doesn’t come even remotely close to what the African has done! Now read that shit several times and get a good understanding! Did writing, mathematics, monument building, universities, surgery, religion, astrology start with the Native American? Fuck No! It came out of Africa from the African! Now you can call yourself whatever you want, but please don’t make a dumb ass comparison. NO ONE on earth predates the African! NO ONE. Not the Chinese, the Japanese, the Indian or Native American, and damn sure not the European.

Lets get back on damn track, so if the African is the first or Original…then he must be Natural! In fact in Ancient Kemet the word Neter means divine or God, it is where the word Nature comes from. So the very word Nature to the ancient African meant God or divinity. So if the African is the most Natural, then who is the most Unnatural? Now here is where the shit gets tricky and some feelings may get hurt, so lets get back to my main premise, Natural does not mean better, it simply means different.

There is a Law by a man named Mendel, and the Law that is named after him is called of course “Mendel’s Law” or the Law of Dominance. It states succinctly that the Dominant can produce the Recessive, but the Recessive cannot produce the Dominant. This Law goes back to my original premise that the further away you get from the original…it becomes Unnatural. So in plain words, African people have dominant genes, and everyone else has recessive genes compared to the African. Now the European has the most recessive genes, so you can see where we are going to lead to by the time we end this, but I am going to use the Mendel Law to prove my point so I am not charged with being a reverse racist [whatever the fuck that means] so in part two we will finish where I am going with this, so stay tuned.



Power to the goddamn People

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The seed is NOT the tree. What do I mean? It is the tree that produces the fruit not the seed. The seed is your potential, but the tree is your reality of who you really are. You have all the potential in the world, but eventually who you really are will produce itself eventually. I remember Malcolm saying when he was in school his White teacher asked him what he wanted to be [potential] when Malcolm replied that he wanted to be a lawyer [potential] his teacher said to him…”Oh Malcolm, you could never be a lawyer, MY people would never support you and your OWN people would never patron you. You should instead be a plumber, something more reasonable“. From that moment on he decided to leave school and become a criminal, so right away the seed or potential of who he could become was not put in fertile soil to grow into a tree, until he met Elijah Muhammad where he had an abundance of water and good soil.

I can have a seed in my hand, but I don’t know what type of tree the seed will produce because I lack that type of knowledge. Now a farmer can look at the same seed and tell you what kind of tree will come from the seed. Now when I say farmer I am not talking about a human being, the real farmer I speak of is NATURE! It is nature that can identify what the seed is and what it will produce. There are seeds that actually look good on the outside, but once they are put in the soil, there was something about the seed that kept it from producing.

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Now where exactly am I going with all this? WHO ARE YOU? Right now in your development are you the seed or the tree? Many of us have a whole bunch of fucking potential, but we are not producing shit! You ever hear someone TALK about what they are going to do? How much money they are going to make. What type of woman they are going to have. What type of house they are going to have. These are a bunch of seeds talking! Where are the trees where I can see the fruit they have produced?

When I was in the Nation of Islam, you had to pass some questions that was asked to you 100% correctly, and your conduct and participation in the Nation of Islam had to be exemplary in order for you to get your “X”. This is how Malcolm got his, and how I got mine. But when you get your X, that is like you being a seed. The X in mathematics means the unknown…you are now Richard X, but we don’t really know who you are until we see you produce some fruit!

See the source image

By them giving me my “X” they were saying “You have potential, but you are still in the seed state until we can see and watch you over a period of time to see what comes out from all that so-called potential”. When I finally left the Nation of Islam, I got into a heated argument with someone that was still in the Nation, it was over a social media comment and we battled over the sagacity of Religion and Islam in particular. He finally left the argument with a comment that has stayed with me to this very day. He said to me…”Brother if you have the real deal and what you believe has substance…then show and prove”! So basically what he was saying, all I hear from you is a bunch a fucking seed talk! You talking all this shit about the potential of African Spirituality, but I don’t see any fucking fruit! You have yet to develop into a tree where I can see some fruit of what you say is real about African Spirituality.

From that moment to now, I have been attempting to move from seed potential to Tree Reality. I can write all I want on the sagacity and reality of African Spirituality, but unless I can show through my OWN development and reality that this shit is real…I need to shut the fuck up! I will be successful, I will be productive in my endeavor to showcase the reality of African Spirituality, not in an egoic way to show “Look what I have done”, but to show to African people in particular and the rest of humanity in general that African Spirituality is viable and has something to offer African people where religion cannot!

Now with that said, I expect through my endeavors to show this to the world, I expect assistance from the Ancestors to help me with this endeavor. I cannot do this alone or with my OWN hands, I will need some super natural assistance to be successful! Just like your Jesus of the bible who expected God to assist him with his ascension, I expect the Ancestors to help me with my endeavor to show humanity the reality of their power! Now if the Ancestors are unwilling or unable to assist me, then I may as well take my ass back to church and back to sleep! But I believe them to be with me and dwell in me, and because of this my dedication to them will never wane!



Power to the goddamn People!

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Ezekiel 17:8 “It was planted in GOOD SOIL beside abundant waters, that it might yield branches and bear fruit and become a splendid vine”. This is heavy scripture from the bible. In order for this tree described in the bible to yield branches and bear fruit, the prerequisite was for it to be planted in GOOD SOIL and near abundant waters. Why use the adjective GOOD soil to describe the quality of the soil? Why not just say soil? Because the quality and condition of the soil has to be in such order to produce the proper results! And why does it need to be near an abundant amount of water and does this water represent something else? As long as you don’t read the bible like a goddamn slave, you can find some jewels in the book.

Lets deal with the Soil first. The soil represents the MIND. The condition of the mind or soil of the masses is in such a terrible state that nothing of substance comes from that soil or mind. The mind of the masses is barren so it bears no branches or fruit. Just listen to the conversation of the people and you can see the soil is barren and does not have the ability to produce fruit.

The reason the soil is barren is because it has not been near any abundant water. The water represents knowledge or wisdom, and the soil of the masses has been far away from any source of water or knowledge. Now for African people in particular, water or knowledge has been purposely kept far from us, so OUR soil is in terrible condition. Now why do I say for African people in particular? Ever since we stepped onto this soil called North America, it has been a concerted effort by European people to keep us far from abundant water so that OUR soil stays in a condition that it would never produce fruit.

Henry Berry in 1832 said before the Virginia House of Delegates these words…”If WE could extinguish the capacity to see the light, OUR work will be complete. THEY would be on the level of the Beast of the fields and we then should be safe”. Now you read that shit again and tell me what IS IN a people to purposely do this to another human being because you want to rule over them? Then you think of what kind of SOIL comes from such a people where you can THINK on this level with the impunity of any empathy for another human being! And lastly to have the comfortability to say this language in front of other Europeans and not be afraid of rebuff, tells you the SOIL of him and those in his company.

THIS is the reason the soil of African people is so far away from abundant water! So I am sure some of you after reading this will say…”Well it happen SO LONG ago, lets just move on”. It happened SO LONG ago? You mean like yesterday? Because yesterday the police shot a black man in the back. Yesterday we got 50 years for the SAME crime you gave your brother probation. Yesterday you gave very little sedation for a surgery because you think we handle pain better than white people. Yesterday you said you had no Apartment vacancy when you actually did. Yesterday you denied a business loan for us when we were qualified. Yesterday you said we were over and under qualified for a job position. So what the fuck are you talking about it happened SO LONG ago? You mean like yesterday?

You tell me what was the YEAR this type of thinking stopped? What YEAR was it? Was it 1832? Was it 1960 when we had Separate but Equal? Was it 1980 when Reagan sold drugs and guns in OUR neighborhood to fund a war? What year was it when this all stopped? Was it in the 1990’s when Clinton did 3 strikes out that was purposely focused on black people in order to get the white conservative vote? What was the fucking year that this type of racist thinking stopped that was aimed at the total destruction of African people?

What about NOW in 2021 where the Republicans know that the white middle class male is a dying breed, so NOW they are purposely going around America trying to target Black voting districts to dilute our vote by targeting certain voting habits that WE do to make it harder for us to vote. Whether its early voting, Sunday voting, gerrymandering or having a driver license. You scientifically go around and collect data to find out OUR voting habits then based on OUR voting habits you MAKE LAWS that target US like a laser, then say we are doing this to make sure we have voting integrity, because this is euphemism language to HIDE your real purpose because you cant say this is really the NEW NIGGA LAW! These are REAL fucking Devils that use their power in a wicked way….but this is not my fucking subject so let us continue….

So the bible also says…”You can tell the tree by the fruit it bears”. So just look at a person and what they have done with their lives as it relates to the upliftment of the Minds of the ignorant masses, and THIS is their fruit! The problem with the European is that he has changed the paradigm of what “bearing fruit” really means. So if you have lot of money and 20K church members, or you are Bill Gates and overtly act like you are a philanthropist, you have fruit on your tree! But this is his yardstick which he has manufactured as the yardstick of success, so this is what the world uses today.

But this is not what the bible is speaking of and the reason I confidently say this is because you don’t get anything even remote to this form of success coming from the mouth of Jesus or the lifestyle he had. It is the impact that one made in the world as it relates to the raised consciousness of those that walked in gross darkness.

Compare the machinations of Muhammad Ali up against Joel Osteen and you tell me who’s tree bore the most fruit. Its not about how many people follow you or how much money and influence you have on the populace, its about your intent and your example that motivated the people to do better in their actions and conduct.


If it was about money and influence then Donald Trump would be an example for mental elevation and resurrection, but he is a demonic example that elevated the worse in human beings and their conduct. The European will say…”Well neither did Malcolm X, he was a demagogue”. Well one persons Freedom Fighter is another persons terrorist. Any black man who promotes SELF DEFENSE against the European will always be considered an enemy! But the difference between Malcolm and Trump, you can look at the Tree, after 60 years Malcom’s tree STILL bears fruit, even after his death his tree is not barren. Six months after devil Trump is dead, lets see if his name will be reverberated by the masses.

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Luke 13:9….”And if it bears fruit next year fine; but if not cut it down”! All of us have to look at ourselves and ask…”Is there any fruit on OUR tree”? What have you been doing with and in your life? Do you have GOOD SOIL and has it been near an abundance of water? If not and your tree is not bearing any fruit, then your life has not had any substance in it and through your OWN actions and conduct, it will soon be cut down! ASE’


Power to the goddamn People!

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