MAAT is an African Law of Culture that means Balance, Harmony and Reciprocity.  There is NO NEED for this manufactured European concept called LOVE  when you have Maat.  Since English is a bastard language, meaning it has no origin of itself,  it is a compilation of other and much older languages.  So the word Love has its origin in English so its manufactured and its ambiguous,  it can mean a myriad of things and still have no definition.  It is said that chemically it has the same effect on the psyche as good chocolate.  So in African culture we CREATED something more substantive…..MAAT!  You are intelligent enough to know if something is in Harmony,  You know when things are in Balance and innately you know that you should give back to people what you receive.  So Maat is an intangible that paradoxically you can measure!  Maat has 42 Laws,  I don’t have time to go over all 42 but this will be good homework to research them if you have never heard of the 42 Laws of MAAT.

Each law begins with I HAVE NOT,  now this is VERY important and we will go over why later,  but when the Greek and Roman came among the African they could not grasp ALL 42 so they STOLE 10 and this is where you get this mythological man named Moses who supposedly went on top of a damn mountain and had a conversation with a fucking bush!  The fact that this is ACTUALLY believed by an adult mind is fucking unbelievable.  Anyway,  the European condensed the 42 Laws into the so-called 10 Commandments, put them in a book and said God threw it down from heaven.  Now the DIFFERENCE between the African mind and the European mind is seen distinctly in the 42 Laws of Maat and the 10 Commandments.  In the 10 Commandments it says THOU SHALL NOT,  in the 42 Laws it says I HAVE NOT.  So the difference is God in space has to COMMAND you and instruct the human how to behave,  while the African TAKES the responsibility for SELF and says….I HAVE NOT DONE!

In African spirituality,  you are responsible for your OWN errant behavior,  so you cant blame the devil or god for shit you get into, then ask for forgiveness, then a week later do the same shit because you can ALWAYS say ” God knows I’m weak”.  This is the bullshit of religion,  the human being is KEPT in a failed state, because someone in space will wipe their slate CLEAN and is imminently coming but never comes.  In antiquity the African had to say these 42 Laws five times a day to keep a moral compass and society living in Harmony and Balance.  We didn’t need or have jails or police in antiquity,  Maat kept the people in check.  Now I don’t say this as if the whole society and all the people were pure and holy, they had their recalcitrant hard heads also, but these few didn’t keep the WHOLE in disharmony and unbalanced.  This by the way is where the Muslims STOLE and adopted their five prayers a day,  it came from their plagiarizing the African concept,  not from no damn Muhammad, who is just as much a MYTH as Jesus,  but for some reason no one wants to touch that shit.  That is a whole subject for another time,  but in part two I want to make these 42 Laws more personal than something that was recited over and over throughout the day,  because African spirituality NEEDS to be contemporary and relevant for this modern African but at the same time KEEP its base, history and foundation.  Part two soon.





On a metaphysical level this topic can go in many areas,  if we are talking about the shadow of self we can talk about the darker side of self,  we can go into the HIDDEN  MIND of self and WHY it is hidden and what do we do to bring it into manifested light.  But the beauty of metaphysics,  the interpreter can choose the lane.  So I want to take this topic and relate it to the relationship between the African and the Caucasian.  First lets get a generic definition of what a SHADOW is.  It is an area of DARKNESS, caused by LIGHT being blocked by something.  So an area or space that is engulfed in darkness due to light or metaphysically KNOWLEDGE/WISDOM being blocked.  This is what the Caucasian has done when he has come into contact with the indigenous of the planet.  Please get away from emotionalism and just deal with the HISTORY of the darker people of the earth and the Caucasian.  Where there was LIGHT or CULTURE,  when the Caucasian came among the indigenous he has brought DARKNESS with him and it was spearheaded with RELIGION!

You cant name ONE PLACE,  just ONE area of the planet where when he arrived the ENERGY, THE SPIRIT, THE NATURAL RESOURCES of that area became DARK and depleted.  He has been the SHADOW of the planet and the human family,  I know this will be taken as being racist,  but you need to understand the meaning of the word racist and how it relates to POWER before you accuse me of such madness.  When you think of a shadow it is the FALSE SELF,  it is not the REAL SELF,  it is actually separate from the real self.  It would be a mistake and foolish to take the shadow as the real person and the REAL person as the illusion.  The Caucasian reminds me of a SHADOW.  He is separate from the human family,  and like a shadow when LIGHT appears the shadow disappears,  which explains the statement by Jesus when he said “Satan get thee BEHIND me”.  The Caucasian has cleverly made the world believe that he is the REAL and the darker people are the SHADOW!  He has convinced the world that everything about him is real and true,  while the darker people are the illusion and fake.

If not for the intelligence of the Western Man nothing would exist and the whole planet and everything in it owes him a tremendous debt.  He is the train and the darker people are the caboose,  and it is he that PULLS the rest of the human family into a BRIGHTER world.  Those who are Caucasian who may read this,  please understand where and the CONDITION we found you in Europe,  you were on your all fours in the caves of Europe when the African first encountered you,  again this is not to malign or be nasty,  but the Caucasian is the historical real CAVE MAN,  and it was the African not the Asian or Indian who found you and cleaned you up.  But systematically through slavery and colonialism the roles have been reversed.  As I said thru RELIGION, and not just Christianity, but ALL 3 of the western religions God, the angels, Adam/Eve and principally thru Gods son Jesus,  everything was turned WHITE and was considered the LIGHT and everything African was considered the SHADOW!  We as African people have bought into the illusion and now we walk in GROSS DARKNESS.  So when the SELF arms itself with light or KNOWLEDGE,  the shadow will show the reality of self,  and that is to be weak and transparent and has no REAL POWER over the substantive real self,  which resides in your African MIND!

Power to the goddamn people




In part one I tried to establish that there is a difference between the African and the European and be void of emotionalism and just use history and facts.  In part two I want to continue down the road of history so this piece of writing can be used critically instead of being accused of advocating and promoting Black superiority,  whatever the fuck that means.  Historically before the advent of racism and EUROPEAN slavery, and I have to intently say European slavery because the European and ignorant negros have routinely tried to parallel that at some point in history that ALL people were slaves at one time.  This false claim has been pushed thru academics as actual fact and history but not to just mislead, but it is a TOTAL lie and deceptive,  in hopes to sanitize the bloody hands of the European!  There is nothing that is even remotely close to the brutal treatment of African people under European slavery, and let me also add the Arab slave trade,  people don’t realize the Arabs engaged in slavery against the African a THOUSAND years before the European, and was even MORE BRUTAL than the white man if you can imagine that.  I don’t have time to go into detail but just briefly,  when we had conflicts among each other in Africa and took captives,  we were allowed to keep our religion, our names, our moral ways.  There were no lynching, raping, family separation, humans put on the level of animals and servitude for hundreds of years.  I could go on and on but that is a subject ALL BY ITSELF.

So back to the subject,  historically the relationship between the African and Caucasian has been one of TEACHER AND STUDENT respectively.  Since our FIRST contact with the Caucasian TYPE,  I say Caucasian type because the Greek is not Caucasian, the Greek is Mediterranean.  But when we came into contact with the Greek around 600 B.C. they were barbaric and uncultured,  remember when they came to Kemet{Egypt} the pyramids were ALREADY built and we were actually in our decline in civilization due to the savage invasions of the Asiatics and Persians and now here come these pedophile homosexual barbaric Greeks.  Herodotus “the so called father of history” and Hippocrates “the so called father of medicine” sat in the dirt as STUDENTS in Africa and went back to Greece as giants and are NOW revered.  Same for Plato, Socrates and Aristotle,  ALL of these were persecuted in Greece for bringing that foreign shit back to Greece and actually faced death for teaching it.

Alexander the ‘Great’ and Ptolemy wanted to be admired and worshipped as African Gods after their conquering of Kemet, this is not told in American and European schools, our history starts at SLAVERY and comes forward.  In Spain in 700 A.D. the Moors which were AFRICANS, the Arab didn’t come to Spain until much later,  but in Spain the African had to teach the European  how to bath, they introduced them to soap, built schools and universities.  Built streets with curbs, put lights throughout the cities.  Told the European you cant have chickens, goats and pigs in the goddamn house.  Introduced them to toilets,  they were shitting in corners of the house or throwing shit and piss out the window into the streets,  which by the way is where the term “not a pot to piss or shit in” came from.  800 years later of civilizing them, the African was expelled and ironically is the same time when the murderer Columbus made his fanatical journey to the ‘New World’.

Are we the same?  There is no evidence of this.  My last piece of evidence and argument is this,  some scientist did a study of the history of the Neanderthal Man,  this ancient CAVE MAN.  They found out that there is Neanderthal DNA in EVERY people,  particular the Caucasian, all except one….THE AFRICAN!   They found out that the African is the ONLY people that DID NOT have Neanderthal DNA in them.  If the Caucasian is nothing but a Bleached out African,  certainly we would ALL have this same DNA.  I say all this to say this has nothing to do with racism,  in fact RACISM is a term that deals with prejudice and POWER to dictate to a subordinate,  but this has everything to do with the fact that we are all different,  nothing wrong with that as long as it is not USED to be injurious to those who UNALIKE….. which has been the case with the relationship between the two people,  and we as African people have been the ones injured in this so called relationship.

Power to the goddamn people




This theory that WE ALL are really one, is just that…a theory.  Hopefully it is common knowledge that ALL humanity started on the continent of Africa.  But then there is a  thesis that the African transplanted themselves throughout the rest of the planet, and after thousands of years the African started to EVOLVE AND ADAPT to that particular part of the planet.  I will deal with only the Caucasian because every human has carbon or melanin except for him, so let us deal with this thesis.  So the African migrates to Europe thousands of years ago and we loose our melanin, our noses began to become narrower and our hair falls flat and we loose our NATURAL curl and kink to our hair.  Now that sounds plausible but it is only used to APPEASE everyone that they are not racist, and to GET AWAY from the argument that we are NOT one human family and we are all DIFFERENT.

In the hospitals there is a lab test called the GFR, it is a KIDNEY FUNCTION test to see if a persons kidneys are working properly or in kidney failure.  There is a lab result for African people and a lab result for EVERYONE else.  A lab result that is NORMAL for African people can actually be kidney failure for the Caucasian with the SAME lab results.  Which means our kidneys function much better than the Caucasians, now I am not Hitler and making a basis for a superior race, I am just stating a fact based on one test.  I know this is not empirical evidence, so I will give a few more examples.  Our bones are denser than the Caucasians, we have less sulfur in our bodies than the Caucasian.  Dr. Africa says we have 12 melanated brain centers and the Caucasian has 2.  Our muscle development, the legs, glutes muscles and calves are different.  If you google the CURSE OF HAM, so called White Jews put in their so called Holy Book The Torah, up until the 6th century that the African was CURSED with an ELONGATED PENIS!  imagine that, we were cursed with big dicks!

The point I am making is that it is not racist to question the differences between the two people.  Back to the thesis, if the Caucasian is nothing but a BLEACHED OUT African, then where are these same bleached out Africans in Europe now?  Since we have ALWAYS been there, we should see some bleached out Africans today;  Not a LIGHT SKIN African, because that is only the by-product of the union of a mixed relationship,  but an African that is WHITE SKIN AND NOT AN ALBINO.  Because an albino is produced in 9 MONTHS by a melanin deficient gene, NOT THE GRADUAL reduction of melanin in thousands of years due to insufficient sun light.  If that thesis made any sense, we should STILL see this process in continuation.      PART TWO SOON.      RA FOR LIFE/MAAT FOR BALANCE




This is the conclusion of Behold the Pale Horseman, why religion cant save the European.  I heard a white man say how productive Western civilization has been to the world.  His examples were medicine, vaccines and technology, but he failed to mentioned that these so called inventions were the by product of the European malady.  You brought disease WITH YOU when you came in contact with the indigenous.  The common cold, influenza, syphilis, smallpox, measles, gonorrhea, mumps, rubella, polio,  even cancer all non existent among the indigenous people before the coming of the European, the indigenous people had NO NEED  to develop vaccines for these diseases because we never had them.  However, it was incumbent that the European and in HIS best interest to do so, also remember the great plague that ravished Europe was due to them not washing their ass and the infestation of rats in close proximity to them, meaning uncleanliness!

So the natural response to the above paragraph is “Well what about Ebola and Aids”?  There is a book by Michael Cooper called ‘Behold the Pale Horse’ in the book he actually shows the document where politicians asked congress for 10 million dollars in 1968 for the military so they can produce a VIRUS that would attack the immune system,  10 yrs later the AIDS virus pops up.  Now the first cases of AIDS was in the white male homosexual community EXCLUSIVELY,  how the hell did it turn into a now predominately black disease, almost unheard of among white people.  In Africa where homosexuality and needle sharing is not pervasive, how does it now ravage the continent?  An absolute insane narrative was concocted about Africans eating green monkeys was told around the world as the origin of AIDS, one it shows that the most deadly disease in the world started on the DARK CONTINENT and two it shows the primitive nature of black people, and intelligent people believed this bullshit that AIDS was started by black people eating green monkeys….fucking madness!

The Ebola virus, I have just one question,  you ever notice that this so called Ebola virus NEVER and I mean NEVER happens in some progressive African CITY,  it ALWAYS pops up in some fucking remote village among illiterate poor people, where some white scientist just happened to DISCOVER it!  It was supposed to be 100% FATAL until a white person contracted it, then all of a sudden SHAZAM… they had a CURE for it!  FUCK OUT OF HERE!  As far as technology, if religion could save the European then why would you use technology to create weapons that can destroy the Earth MANY times over?  What MIND would produce this?  Why would you weaponize disease that can depopulate the earth if RELIGION was such a transformative tool?  Even in Rome when they conquered an enemy, particular in Carthage Africa, they were so envious and hated the African General Hannibal, that when they finally beat him they would use salt as a CHEMICAL weapon to put into the soil of Carthage to taint the soil so it wouldn’t be fertile anymore, so this mindset goes back thousands of years.

When you look at this INVENTION called religion, the European used it as a behavioral deterrent to SCARE people to act correctly.  You don’t have this among indigenous spiritual systems.  In all 3 Western religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, this God sees you when you are good or bad, and if you are a BAD PERSON he punishes you for eternity.  In Kemet, if your heart was “heavier” than a feather, your spirit was not allowed to enter into the hereafter, but there was no burning in Hell and tormented for eternity.  So the motivation to have a clean spirit was not based in FEAR of punishment, so it was purer.  Religion is like the policeman, it is for FAILED societies who cant control themselves, so punitive measures must be used to control the reckless society.

Since Religion has failed to corral the European MIND, now behavioral MEDICATION or now even ANIMALS must be used to curb the reckless behavior.  Animals are now allowed to accompany people to help them ACT appropriately.  They are called COMFORT animals,  so God is no longer SUFFICIENT to comfort them from their anxiety and fear, a chicken, a dog, a cat, a snake and so on MUST be with them to board a plane, to have a medical procedure, because the Religious guard rails have come COMPLETELY off and God has proven to be insufficient for the incorrigible mind.




INCORRIGIBLE is the one word I would use to describe the mind of the European.  Cannot or just refuse to change his mindset as it relates to his relationship with the planet and the melanated people on it.  It has been exacerbated with the presidency of Trump;  he has peeled back the soft under belly of the overt racism in America.  However, Religion was created and given to him as a GUARDRAIL to keep him (somewhat in check) those guardrails have totally been broken off their tracks, and there is nothing that keeps him stabilized among the rest of the human family.

Religion and laws had to be implemented to keep him from killing every goddamn thing, for example,  Hunting SEASON, don’t jump off this bridge, don’t feed the animals.  At the zoo, cages are for the animals, but who the fuck are the fences for?  Who the fuck is climbing these fences to get into these cages with the animals?  The indigenous people NEVER needed a hunting SEASON, they hunted for necessity and nothing more, however, you need a season for a people who will kill unmitigatedly  unless you intervene.  He is totally instinctual and controlled by his lower self and religion cant hold him any longer.

African people are the originators of writing and books, but we never needed them for behavioral modifications, that is what the CULTURE is for!  In antiquity in Africa, there were no such thing as police, jail, orphanages, homes for the elderly, or mental institutions, all these were under the tutelages of the CULTURE (think on that).  When police are needed for a society and bullets are used as a deadly deterrent for erroneous behavior, that society is ALREADY in collapse and occasional riots are the physical manifestation of that collapsed society.  The very presence of indigenous people,  believe it or not,  is what keeps the European somewhat in a civilized state.  Why do I say that?  The European has had TWO WORLD WARS,  a Cold War where Russia and America were on the brink of total planet destruction via nuclear weapons.  The Crusades, the Holocaust, the Atom bombs on Japan, the genocide of the Native American, the African Slave Trade, the genocide of the Ab Originals of Australia, the TOTAL genocide of the Tasmanian people, the Russian killings under Stalin, I haven’t even mentioned India and Central America,  the bloodshed of human beings by the European is INNUMERABLE!  I already know the rebuttal,  ” Well Black people have done their fair share of killing also”,  done their FAIR SHARE of killing?  Not even remotely, not even in the fucking vicinity!  Go read that list again and re-think FAIR SHARE!  The negro will say ” All killing is bad”.  Of course negro, that doesn’t need to be said, the point I am making,  is for the small number of European people on the planet compared to the melanated people, his killing vastly outstrips the rest of the human family and that pernicious behavior needs to be put into question…..WHY?

For the most part the indigenous people have been used as the CHRIST FIGURE to be sacrificed to appease this wicked behavior.  So how do I create this narrative that ‘LIKE JESUS” the indigenous have been crucified?  The little brother on the corner who is snatching gold chains and purses is made into the caricature of what the REAL criminal looks like, however, it is the European with a suit and JFK haircut who steals gold and natural resources from COUNTRIES, but his image is sanitized.  The Mexican climbing the fence is bringing in drugs and diseases but the European went to WAR with China to MAKE them continue to produce opium for European consumption.  The most virulent and potent diseases are being manufactured in a laboratory by the European with Lab jackets and suits.  How many people have oxycontin killed?  MILLIONS!  Yet it is STILL being manufactured by big Pharma.    Part Two soon

Power to the goddamn people