THE LAST DUEL [part two]


So in part one I went over the insecurities of men and the power of pussy, and I used stories in mythology to make my point. I spoke of this constant battle between the feminine and male principle. I say battle because in the European culture it is baked, concretized and overtly practiced that the feminine principle must be dominated! Now this is a direct contradiction in indigenous cultures where there is a union and nexus between the feminine and male principles.

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It is a MUST that there be a nexus between the two because this nexus is what produces LIFE! Now I am going to give a few more examples in Religion where the woman has to be subordinate in order to appease the man due to his insecurity in himself, and his fear of the power of pussy! Then ultimately, I will go into what the DUEL really means for men to appreciate the feminine principle and to also challenge the Self as it relates to that principle.

In the bible Jesus says in 1st Corinthians 11:3 “The head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is MAN”. So Christ is at the TOP, then the man and the woman is on the bottom! So essentially there are TWO men standing on top of the woman. Now as long women allow men to sanction this shit by saying that GOD SAID IT, then gullible human beings will say “Well if God said it, then we have to do it”. So, since it was sanctioned by God, then I can pay the woman less. I can sanction and mandate her womb and prohibit abortion. I can make her the secretary and not the owner or partner. I can even tell her to keep her damn mouth shut while in church. 1st Corinthians 14:34-35 Paul wrote…”As in ALL the congregations of the saints, women should remain silent in the churches. They are not allowed to speak, but be in submission”. Now this has to be from a man who is afraid of the power of pussy! What kind of fucking religion is THIS where their so-called holy book would sanction and mandate that the woman keep her damn mouth shut while in God’s house? Only a demonic religion and men who are insecure in the presence of women!

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In some Islamic countries, the men are so repressive in their expression of the Islamic religion that they dress their women like they are some goddamn Ninjas! You ever see a Ninja movie where they are totally covered and the only thing you can see is their damn eyes? This is how these niggas in Islamic countries dress their women…like goddamn ninjas!

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The woman is historically and biologically the FIRST human to walk the earth, but she is not intelligent enough to dress herself? While every man as a child was pissing and shitting in their underwear, it was the woman who dressed him, but when men become adults and follow Islam, they then can dictate to women how they must dress. This is the dichotomy and madness of religion!

In the Quran, the Surah or chapter 4 and verse 15 says…”And as for those of your women who are guilty of indecency, call to witness against them four witnesses from among you, so if they bear witness, confine them to the houses until death takes them away or Allah opens a way for them”. What the fuck! This shit is in their fucking holy book! Read that shit again where their God says keep their asses in the fucking house until they DIE! This is from a God who is afraid of the power of pussy! What women in the 21st century is STILL following this shit?

Let us continue, in Surah 4 verse 34 it says in the last paragraph “And those of your women you FEAR desertion, admonish them, and leave them alone in the beds and chastise them”. Now in the Maulana Muhammad Ali translation it says “admonish them and chastise them”, but in other translations it says BEAT THEM! So, it all depends on the goddamn translation on how to treat the woman, now in Afghanistan what translation do you think they follow?

My point in my journey in lambasting ALL religions, is that religion has a severe phobia of the power of women and the power of pussy! So it has to mandate her subordinacy by saying “GOD SAID TO DO IT” in order to give legitimacy to man’s fear and insecurity.

The LAST DUEL is really the fight that WE as men must do amongst ourselves. The woman is not our enemy, she is not our opponent. Religion has mandated this phobia. If you look at the ying-yang symbol, you will see what the feminine and male energy is supposed to be like. One is not dominating the other, they compliment each other. Men have skills that women lack, and women have skills that men lack, but when we come together our deficiency in our skill set becomes an asset!

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When men try and become women and women try to become something that you will NEVER be, then we produce this MAD world we now see ourselves in. Men must let women express themselves freely and not be intimidated by it. A woman without a knowledge of Self will express herself in a destructive way, but a woman who is equipped with a proper knowledge of Self will shine and blossom and we as men won’t have to worry about her conduct….just choose wisely!

No matter how tight you try to hold and restrict her, her nature will not let her stay confined and you will lose her. Have faith in her and your own secure self, and leave your hand open so she can take hold of it!



Power to the goddamn People!

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